Denver Boudoir Pictures – Tushie Tuesday & Why…

I have been wrestling with this for awhile now. A few months ago, I started something on Facebook called Tushie Tuesday. It was a chance to share some fun tushie photos that I’ve taken throughout the many boudoir sessions that I’ve had the chance to photograph, and it was a lot of fun.

Then someone made the comment.

I don’t even know who it was, but the more I think about it, the more I think it might have been my husband. He is forever concerned with offending people, and our personalities can be so different that I’m amazed that we get along as well as we do sometimes. It might not have been him, but someone said “do you think that might be demeaning to the women you’re featuring?”


That is never, ever, ever, EVER my goal in anything that I do! That really hit home and hurt quite a bit, because I felt like I was misunderstood, and that something that had started out to be fun and jovial had turned into the exact OPPOSITE of what I try to do with my work. It is always my goal to empower women and bring out confidence and joy through my photography – I never, EVER want a woman to feel cheap or exploited, so the mere thought of my photos doing that meant the Tushie Tuesday concept was squashed IMMEDIATELY. I didn’t make an announcement, I didn’t explain why, I just stopped. I didn’t want anyone to feel offended or belittled in any way, so it was done.

Fast forward a few months, and I started receiving client emails. Yes, I get client emails all the time – but these were pretty specific in their inquiries – when are you going to feature MY tushie on Tushie Tuesday?

Color me stunned. You mean my clients actually WANT to have their booty pictures featured? It’s an honor?

I asked on my Facebook page (and if you’re not there, please join us!) for some opinions on whether anyone thought it could be potentially demeaning or harmful, and I was specific in asking the ladies – I think we all know what the guys’ opinions would be. The response was unanimous – you all want me to REINSTATE Tushie Tuesdays!

So why the heck am I telling you all of this? To make sure that the reasoning and concept behind Tushie Tuesday is crystal clear: a celebration of a sexy part on a woman’s body. Several of the women featured have worked REALLY hard on that body part, and they want to show it off!

Without further adieu, I hereby reinstate Tushie Tuesdays on today, July 16, 2013, (wow this feels all official ‘n stuff…) with the original Tushie Tuesday photo that started it all.


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