A Teary Proposal, 3 Years Ago

It all started because I wanted to go to the opera. I’m not really sure why I had this desire, other than I just really love the theater, and the opera is very dramatic and over the top. I told Tom one afternoon that I wanted to go to the Central City Opera to see Madame Butterfly. He didn’t really seem to care either way, so I told him which website to go to and he bought the tickets.

THEN I decided I wanted it to be a romantic getaway, a little overnight in Blackhawk to hang out together. And if we were going to the opera, I wanted to get all dolled up and wear a gown, because that’s what you do at the opera, right? Tom was a little more reluctant to actually wear a tux, but agreed. Getting my gown was QUITE the operation, but my best friend and I were finally able to find what I wanted. At this point I figured if we were going to get dressed up, I wanted photos! I contacted a photographer in Blackhawk and she agreed to take photos of us all dressed up. Tux & Gown – check. Hotel room for the evening – check. Photographer – check. Other things that Tom had in mind that I didn’t know about – check.

In the weeks leading up to this getaway, Tom was acting a little… strange. I could tell he was lying to me, which was upsetting, but I didn’t want to argue, so I left it alone.

I found out later that his lies and sneakiness was so that he could get my ring, get it sized, and make his plans.

We walked around Central City, and Tom was visibly nervous and seemed uncomfortable. I figured it was the tux.


I was walking down the main street and turned to look at Tom, he was on one knee.


We have had our ups and downs, but I’m so, SO happy that I said yes.


Tom makes fun of me because we have a LOT of anniversaries… so happy anniversary to my love, our proposal anniversary, today is three years. You are kind and good to me, and even though sometimes I want to smack you, I can’t imagine not having you every day of my life.

I love you and God has blessed me SO much by bringing you to me.

Photos by Gretchen Sechler