Denver Photographer – About Brooke

Well hello there, beautiful lady!

I see you there, in your yoga pants, with your hair up in a messy bun that you can never quite get to look like what you see in pictures. What’s up with that, why does everyone else seem to have an amazing messy bun when I can’t get mine quite right?

I know that you might have some questions. Not just about the logistics, but about what the heck I do with women that look like… well, everyday women. Not models. Because you might not see yourself as a model.

But guess what, you are GORGEOUS. You are perfectly imperfect, just as you are, and as a top Denver photographer, I want to show you that!

First and foremost, I have a passion for women and their connections.

My Denver boudoir photography is for every woman that has ever looked in the mirror and thought that she wasn’t good enough. Or pretty enough. Or ________ enough – insert your own adjective in that bank.

The reality is, you ARE whatever enough. You are pretty enough. Skinny enough. Not just ENOUGH, but amazing, just as you are. You are BEAUTIFUL, and I promise you that I will show you!

Wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers – my photography is for ALL women, regardless of age, size or shape. I once saw a quote that said “we compare our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.” We look at ourselves in the mirror and think “I don’t look like _______.” Chances are, the person you’re comparing yourself to has had hours of hair and makeup, in addition to stylizing and retouching.

I want YOU to have that too. I want to show you YOUR highlight reel, you looking amazing and gorgeous.

Hey there, I’m Brooke Summer, a top Denver photographer that specializes in boudoir and women’s photography.

Yes, that’s my real name. No, my parents weren’t hippies. I love my name though, it’s cool, right?

I’m a Denver photographer based in Colorado and shooting worldwide, and am navigating through all that I need to know to rock my business and make my clients amazingly happy.

Am I scared? Yes. But excited at the same time. Because the best things in life are often the ones that are scariest and take the most work!

I feel like I’m supposed to be writing something profound about myself, but I’m a pretty goofy and laid back woman. There was a skit a long time ago on one of the late night variety shows, called “Lowered Expectations,” about video dating, and it cracked me up. So even though I’m not dating, and this isn’t one of the cheesey videos, here goes.

If you’ve already read the information below, click here to read more and see a ridiculous photo of a horse photobombing me in Iceland.

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  • Honesty
  • My kids (when they’re being amazing, right moms?)
  • Starbucks s’mores frappuccinos. (who am I kidding, I love s’mores in general!)
  • The color blush pink or raspberry pink
  • Anything that sparkles
  • The sound of the wind blowing through the trees
  • Laughing so hard that I can’t breathe
  • An awesome cocktail we made up called the Hot Ass – ask me about it yummm!
  • Tom’s arms around me
  • My son telling me jokes
  • My daughter just learning to tell me jokes and being completely wrong about how to do it
  • The movie Elf
  • Swimming with wildlife and petting them (sharks are my favorite!)
  • Brownies
  • Family gatherings
  • Board games
  • The smirk on Tom’s face when he thinks that he’s said something funny that is really NOT funny, sarcasm and dirty jokes.


  • Dishonesty
  • Lack of courtesy for others
  • Mean people
  • Bad attitudes
  • Three tubes of toothpaste on the bathroom counter that are all open and being used instead of just ONE
  • Snooty people who think they’re all that and a bag of cookies
  • Speaking of cookies – store bought chocolate chip cookies (like Chips Ahoy – yuck, give me some homemade yumminess!)
  • Raw onions
  • Being ignored or ditched
  • Star Wars (only because of my guys’ complete obsession with it, don’t write me mean letters)
  • Any creature with more than four legs. Again, no mean letters, they freak me out. Yes, I know that spiders are good for insect control. Yes, I know that all of God’s creatures have a purpose. But that purpose is not in my home, got it? Yuck!
  • Birds. Because if they were larger, humans would be extinct. They’re evil.

There is so much more to the “Likes” list… like the way that Tom still flexes his bicep whenever I touch his arm, to impress me.

The way my son is protective of me, and always makes sure I’m okay, even though I’m the mommy.

The way my daughter comes in with a huge smile to say good morning to me.

The way it smells after it rains.

Waking up in another country at 4am because of jetlag and sipping coffee while watching the sunrise over a place I have never seen before.

Snuggling with an animal and feeling their warmth on my face.

Picking up seashells on the beach, only to find out that there is something inhabiting that shell, and screaming because when I picked it up it moved and freaked me out. (That something probably has more than four legs, see, creepy!)

I love to capture memories. Usually with my camera, but sometimes with words, paper, my phone… you name it.

Moments are important to me and I love to capture them so that in the future, those moments can be relived and remembered again.

I love to learn peoples’ stories – which can get me into trouble. I ask the inappropriate questions that make everyone turn and look at me, and my husband’s face turns bright red. I like to know the WHY behind who you are. What do you love? What do you think? What is your perspective?

Basically I’m a laid back woman with a lot of love and a huge curiosity for all that life has to offer.

You have reached the text and super boring version of the About information – great information, but not as pretty as the gallery pages.

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Brooke Summer Photography is my labor of love, one of the things I am most proud of in my life. I’m a Colorado boudoir photographer that also photographs destination boudoir photography, shooting worldwide. My Denver boudoir photos are for EVERY woman, and I have been blessed to be called the Denver’s TOP boudoir photographer. My clients and colleagues have consistently named me the best boudoir photographer in Denver, and every time that I hear that, it brings tears to my eyes.

I’m so excited to work with you – are you ready to book your session? Click here to contact me and book your session today!