“Beauty” Standards In Our Culture and Why They Can Be BULLSH*T | Denver Boudoir Photographer

Buckle up y’all – here comes my rant. I asked a couple of weeks ago how you prefer to see content from me. I used to write articles pretty regularly, but I know that most people don’t sit down and read them anymore, but instead watch my videos. My suspicions were confirmed, when I emailed and asked how you prefer to get content – video was the top vote.

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As a Denver boudoir photographer, I have worked with women ages 18-71, sizes 00-32, and am now working with men as well on an individual basis. I have listened to the heartache that comes from seeing the expectations and “help” in the form of social media, articles and more when it comes to beauty, and I have experienced it firsthand.

Now, I’m watching my 8 year old daughter be subjected to this and it


Watch the videos below, from Dove, and you’ll see my rant at the end.

THIS is the video I’m referring to in my rant. It is age restricted because of content about eating disorders and self harm related to beauty and eating disorders.

While I was searching for the video above to link it appropriately, this came up – another real eye-opener.

I am SO HAPPY that Dove is now working with lawmakers to look at how to keep kids safe online – and not just in the traditional sense, but also from unrealistic and dangerous beauty standards.

I waited a few days to share my thoughts on this, and have really been debating sharing this, it’s pretty ranty. But it’s reality, and watching my 8 year old daughter grow in up a culture where standards of “beauty” are literally pushed on her DAILY at 8 years old is absolutely unacceptable. It has to stop.

We ALL have to do better – not just for ourselves, but for our daughters, nieces, neighbors, and any other young people that we encounter, girls especially, but boys as well.

We need to do better y’all. With loving ourselves, with loving each other, and with making sure that we are taking care of the next generation in the ways that enhance their lives, instead of demeaning them.

And to be clear – NO, I don’t hate fitness. I have worked with some amazing people in ALL body types, from the super fit bodybuilders, to the larger bodies and everything in between. I believe that everyone needs to figure out what works best for THEM – and that decision is to be between them and their doctors.

NOT the world at large. NOT social media. NOT toxic beauty influencers.

May you feel confident enough in your own authority to make decisions about your own body.

May you know that you are beautiful at ANY size, regardless of the many changes that our bodies go through throughout our lives.

May you surround yourself – both in person and virtually – with people who lift you up and bring you joy, and make this world a little brighter. Instead of making you always feel like you’re not ENOUGH in some way.

When you’re ready for your own spotlight in front of my lens, I would be honored to be your Denver boudoir photographer. I promise you, you’ll walk away feeling amazing.