Denver Boudoir Photography – Tushie Tuesday February 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday, let’s celebrate… it’s Tushie Tuesday!

Welcome to another Denver Boudoir Photos edition of Tushie Tuesday! To read more about this tradition and why it was reinstated after some controversy, please click here to read more information.

To make sure that the reasoning and concept behind Tushie Tuesday is crystal clear: a celebration of a beautiful part on a woman’s body. Several of the women featured have worked REALLY hard on that body part, and they want to show it off!

denver-boudoir, tushie-tuesday

What can I say, being a part of Denver boudoir photography means that there are certain things I really love! I have a bit of a weakness for ruffles. And when you pair the ruffles with a kickass pair of shoes, and rhinestones on the back? Heck yeah!

Today’s Tushie Tuesday is a beautiful woman who had some damn cute panties. And rhinestones on her back! I have been thinking about a dermal piercing but it kind of scares me – she ROCKED them, and she is absolutely gorgeous! Mrs. J hasn’t been featured on the blog yet, but her feature is coming soon! In the meantime, how about a sneak peek for today’s Tushie Tuesday?

Happy TT!

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