Denver Boudoir Photos – Tushie Tuesday August 13, 2013

Welcome to another Denver Boudoir Photos edition of Tushie Tuesday! To read more about this tradition and why it was reinstated after some controversy, please click here to read more information.

To make sure that the reasoning and concept behind Tushie Tuesday is crystal clear: a celebration of a sexy part on a woman’s body. Several of the women featured have worked REALLY hard on that body part, and they want to show it off!

Sometimes the best lingerie is not necessarily the super racy stuff, but a little milder and demure, leaving a little to the imagination.

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Amy just wrote a post about this yesterday, with some ideas on what to wear for your boudoir shoot, and there are more to come.

Miss H had the cutest ruffled panties – not super racy, but damn cute, am I right?

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Happy Tushie Tuesday!