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Colorado Outdoor Boudoir Gallery2017-12-19T17:16:29+00:00
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Colorado Outdoor Boudoir

I get it. I DO, I promise! You might be thinking “Brooke it’s hard for me to think about taking my clothes off in your studio, much less outdoors!”

It can be super scary to think about even CONSIDERING Colorado outdoor boudoir or destination boudoir, but speaking as someone who has been in front of the camera in next to nothing outdoors, it is a TON of fun.

I promise.

Yes, I have a studio that is specifically designed for women. Yes, you are more than welcome to join me at that studio for your session!

But every once in awhile I have clients that crave something different. Sometimes they are return clients, who want to add a little destination boudoir to their walls. Sometimes they have a specific location in mind, somewhere that has special memories, or represents something amazing in their lives. Sometimes a Colorado outdoor boudoir session is just that – a chance to get outdoors, and ENJOY yourself outside in the beautiful scenery!

Whether you have a location in mind or just know that you want to go somewhere different, a destination boudoir session can be something that is exhilarating and feeds your soul!

Mountaintops, rooftops, downtown alleys, clocktowers, deserts, oceans, crazy weather, waterfalls… there is some amazing scenery in our world to be discovered.

Why not have an adventure and some amazing photos to show off as memories?

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