February: The Month of Love | Denver Valentine’s Gifts


Here we are, waving hello to February. And when February hits, it usually happens that we find ourselves bombarded by messages of love, romance and affection. I love Valentine’s Day, I’m a romantic at heart, and romantic love is amazing. 


There’s one love story that is too often overlooked – the love you have for yourself. 

Just in case you think I’m looking down my nose and judging you – let me assure you, I’m talking to myself here too.


In the past few years, I have really been working on this and looking at what this really means for myself. The effect that it has had on my own life is innumerable, and I wanted to bring you all along with me.

So we’re going all in and deeming February the official Month of Love, for Denver Valentine’s Gifts, and more – but not just any love, it’s the month of Self-Love.

It’s a time to focus on nurturing ourselves, and not just with bubble baths and facials, but internally. Celebrating our unique beauty and power, and appreciating the strength and softness that reside within us.


Because taking care of yourself first is not just a luxury – which is how our culture loves to bill it. It’s not a luxury – it’s absolutely essential for your mental health, confidence and overall well-being.

It’s time that we start treating self-care as a necessity, and not just something to do when – and if – we have time.


Self-Love is a SuperPower

In a world that emphasizes perfection and external validation, self-love is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Dare I say that it’s also rebellious – because we live in a culture that profits and makes literal BILLIONS off of you NOT loving yourself. Learning to love yourself is powerful, and helps you to face everyday challenges with resilience, embrace your flaws as unique features, and to love yourself unconditionally, throughout everything.

Confidence and Self-Love – related? Cousins? Siblings?

Confidence is a beautiful byproduct of self-love, because when you love and accept yourself exactly as you are in this very moment, you know that others’ opinions are secondary, and your confidence soars. It’s not about conforming to anyone else’s idea of what you SHOULD be, it’s about deciding what you should be for YOURSELF.

A boudoir session can be transformative, showing yourself in a whole new light, or maybe even reminding you of the woman that you used to see in the mirror, but haven’t seen for awhile. It’s a celebration, to show off your confidence and love – FOR YOURSELF.

I have said it for years and will keep saying it – I’m honored that people come to me for Denver Valentine’s gifts for someone they love – but remember, this is a gift to YOURSELF too, just as much as it’s a gift for someone else.

That confidence doesn’t just empower you internally, but shows on the outside too. Have you ever met someone who may not have been supermodel-esque, but damn you were just drawn to them? That energy is magnetic!

That kind of energy isn’t just radiating externally, but also plays a huge role in overall mental health. It reminds us to practice compassion for ourselves, even when we mess up or make mistakes. Failure isn’t a seemingly life-ending issue, it becomes a learning opportunity, one that we can move through and end up on the other side, stronger and more resilient than ever.

This February, I want to invite you to join us in a self-love celebration.

We want to uplift you, encourage you, and remind you of your own power and badassery.

This month will be a TON of fun!

I’m working on special Galentine’s Day packages – as well as a special for Denver Valentine’s gifts, and a safe space that is empowering and exciting for your boudoir experience.

May February be a month to prioritize self-care, self-love, and self-celebration. And again – not just in bubble baths.

Sidenote – does it infuriate anyone else when BASIC HYGEINE is dangled in front of women as self care? Seriously? A shower isn’t “me” time, it isn’t a favor, and it isn’t something that should be treated as a gift for a mom or woman. Or ANYONE.

Loving yourself fiercely is not just an act of course and strength, but a rebellious act that is absolutely necessary for your own mental health, as well as the health of others around you.

I know that watching my daughter take in the messages from our culture, as well as watching ME as an example – it became extremely important to me to start modeling that type of fierce self-love, complete with boundaries and standards.

May we all remember that we have others that look up to us – even if you don’t have kids.

I’m willing to bet that someone, somewhere, looks at you with adoration.

Let’s show them the fierce love that we have for ourselves, so that we can then love, care, and show up for others in the ways that we most want to.

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Because you’re fucking gorgeous, just as you are, right now. Because you deserve it. Because taking care of yourself and treating yourself should be a priority. Because a boudoir session with me means walking away feeling AMAZING, which trickles down into every aspect of your life, with confidence and love for yourself and others.

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