Denver Boudoir Photos- Tushie Tuesday November 12, 2013

Welcome to another Denver Boudoir Photography edition of Tushie Tuesday! To read more about this tradition and why it was reinstated after some controversy, please click here to read more information.

To make sure that the reasoning and concept behind Tushie Tuesday is crystal clear: a celebration of a sexy part on a woman’s body. Several of the women featured have worked REALLY hard on that body part, and they want to show it off!

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When my friend Jen was in town, she wanted to shoot in my space, primarily because I was kind of bored with my space and having another set of eyes can be refreshing. She is an awesome photographer, so we had a chance to mess around and really do a few things that were different! Sometimes it can be difficult as an artist to continue doing the same thing over and over and over again. I love doing boudoir because of the women I connect with, but sometimes we need a little bit of a change of pace, a different location, a crazy outfit, something a little outside of the box! The beautiful Miss J S brought some fun outfits that were definitely different, and we had fun. I’ve had some clients recently bring these lace dresses, and I’m absolutely in love with them!

What would you wear for your Tushie shot? ;)

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Happy Tushie Tuesday!!