Denver Colorado Boudoir – Tushie Tuesday – April 7, 2015

Another Tuesday, another celebration! What are we celebrating, you might ask? The fact that it’s Tuesday. Every day is a celebration! Especially when there is a Tushie Tuesday post. I work with so many different women in my Denver Colorado boudoir studio, but right about now, I have a ton of brides! Boudoir really ends up being a gift for YOURSELF – but man it also makes a great groom’s gift. What is better than a sexy groom’s gift to make his night, the night before you say I do?

Welcome to another Denver Boudoir Studio edition of Tushie Tuesday! To read more about this tradition and why it was reinstated after some controversy, please click here to read more information.

To make sure that the reasoning and concept behind Tushie Tuesday is crystal clear: a celebration of a beautiful part on a woman’s body. Several of the women featured have worked REALLY hard on that body part, and they want to show it off! 

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This gorgeous bride came in to capture some images for her groom, and loved the results! Bridal accessories can be so much fun to work with, and can really personalize a Denver boudoir photography session. However, I usually encourage my brides to not ONLY do bridal boudoir. Usually we do one set or outfit that is bridal, and others that are racy, or personalized with other fun details! Mrs. K and I laughed a LOT during her session, and had a ton of fun.

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I am so privileged to be one of the top Denver Colorado boudoir photography specialists! My clients’ privacy is a top priority for these intimate portraits. Any and all boudoir images that are posted have been shared by the subject with written permission. I am honored that my clients choose to share their images with the world, and talk about their experiences with those images.