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Denver Boudoir Reviews – Raves & Testimonials2018-08-13T16:36:29+00:00

Denver Boudoir Reviews – Raves & Testimonials


Maybe you’re on a mobile device and the text was too big. Maybe you’re a skimmer. I get it, I am too.

So here you find yourself, at the bottom of the page. Hoping to read some Denver boudoir reviews.

Trying to narrow these down was REALLY difficult, and going through them brought tears to my eyes. My Denver boudoir reviews have consistently been amazing, and while I am completely confident in the experience I offer, part of it is also my clients.

I truly work with the most amazing women in the world.

Women who lift each other up. Women who encourage each other. Women who have faced adversity and hard times, and come through them stronger than ever, and they want to use that strength to change the world for the better.

THAT is the type of client that I attract. That I work with. That I love.

Still on the fence? Still stalking me to make sure it’s not a super weirdo thing to do? Check out more of what my clients wanted to share.

Here is a little of what they had to say about their experience, more Denver boudoir reviews!

Ms. K

I was just plain excited. I really enjoyed the visiting while we I was getting my hair done. My adrenaline was through the roof. I felt like could have run a marathon. I just love these sessions, they make me feel so good about myself. Not just seeing the photos, but you have a way to make me feel very confident and sexy. Not only do you feel good about yourself during and after it’s over, it’s just really fun to try to get in those positions, and you can kind of giggle. Brooke made the experience relaxing and so much fun. Having these photos done was the best thing I have done for myself. I’ve completed 3 sessions and have scheduled my 4th. I recommend every woman do this.. single, married.. It doesn’t matter.

Mrs. R

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you! I had so much fun!!! You are an amazingly beautiful woman, and made a crazy old lady with major body issues feel good about herself for a few precious hours! I look forward to visiting and laughing with you some more! Thank you so much! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!

Ms. I

My hesitations were my self confidence issues but you quickly made me feel like I could throw them out the window so I did. My advice would be to breathe and let Brooke take the lead, her fun outgoing personality and the way she talks to you during the shoot making you feel so sexy and powerful. I feel I look the best that I ever have. I feel Brooke captured everything about my body that I HATED and made me love it.
It affected my confidence in a way I couldn’t imagine. I walk taller and feel more confident knowing who I am in my skin! When I look at my images I see a different me, I see the real me and a new me that deserves to be happy and love the skin I am in. I feel the way Marilyn Monroe must have felt and that to me is a huge deal and I am proud to be able to say that.

Ms. K 

I felt AMAZING during my session. It was really freeing to be naked, taking gorgeous pictures, and laughing with you through the entire thing. On my way home I couldnt stop thinking about how great I felt, it’s so fun getting all dolled up and celebrating YOU for a small amount of time. Brooke is amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable, shes supportive and really caters to your own vision while bringing her expertise to the table. Of course it’s nerve wracking, but i swear I would never get naked for anyone else!

Mrs. K

I am so happy with my experience today with you! The night before, I felt anxious that I didn’t have everything. I felt as if I was forgetting something. I think finally meeting you and getting an hour to just relax and chat with you helped me relax, a lot. By the time we were done with hair/makeup, I was ready to shoot!! On my way home I felt very sexy and empowered, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those pictures. I couldn’t stop thinking that everyone was looking at me. It was such a great experience. And everyone I have shown my photos to, have said they were stunning. So happy! Don’t wait any longer to do this for yourself—go see Brooke!!

Mrs. M

Oh my gosh! What a fantastic day!!! Who knew I could look that great- not me!?! My husband was already talking about what he wants the next time :) How awesome is that!!! I went into this hoping to get some self-confidence back and to put some “woman” back into our relationship. I feel like a whole new me. I cannot thank you enough. You are not just an artist- you are so much more and I hope you truly understand the powerfulness of what you do for people. It is a gift and not one many have or choose to share.

Ms. J

I was unsure if I would feel sexy based on old traumas and you helped me open up to my “now” life and let go of the past. My advice would be to be in the moment and allow yourself to love your “sexy self”.

Ms. E

Had an amazing time! Who would have thought that would do so much for a girls self esteem! I haven’t shut-up about my shoot since! I’m soooo happy!! My photo shoot pictures turned out amazing! I never in a million years thought after being a mom for almost 20 years that I could look that fabulous. Brooke Summer you are a fantastic photographer. I’m seriously thinking about wallpapering at least one room with them! He almost cried when I showed him the pictures….can’t imagine when his book gets here. Thank you so much. You are the best! It was the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. My books and prints are amazing. I can’t believe that is me!!

Ms. T

I LOVE THESE!! Thank you Brooke! This is the happiest I have been in my whole life! Your definitely doing all of our photos from here on out! I stared at it all night long…I think it’s so pretty. Thank you Brooke! XOXO

Mrs. C

I love each and every picture! I am SO HAPPY with everything and I am very grateful to you for making me feel and look so FABULOUS!! Seriously- it brings tears to my eyes that I stepped out of my comfort zone, looked beautiful, took fantastic pictures, and had an awesome, life changing experience. Thank you for helping me have relaxed courage and thanks for your talent to bring out what was already there (just hiding!)