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So you want to know MORE?

You smart human – it’s always a good idea to get to know more about someone before taking your clothes off in front of them. Especially when they have a camera, right?

I want to know more about you too. Keep reading, and whenever you’re ready, click here to contact me to book your session. I want to know your story, what makes you tick. Your dreams, hopes, fears and loves!

I can’t wait to work with you!

I believe that…

  • Women belong in all rooms where decisions are made, and empowering women to remember the badass inside impacts the world in amazing ways.

  • Women are FAR too hard on themselves, and each other.

  • When a woman is kindhearted and filled with joy, that beauty is evident.

  • Having beautiful photos can not only lift your self esteem, but help you to see yourself in a new light, ultimately boosting confidence and self worth.

  • Women are not only important in our world and culture, but ESSENTIAL, and worth a day of pampering and empowerment.

  • Empowering and building confidence in women starts at a young age and continues for a lifetime.

Brides, seniors, mothers, domestic abuse survivors, grandmothers, cancer survivors, wives, widows, sisters, friends, women who thrive through adversity – we ALL have struggles, stories, tears and laughter, every single day. My favorite part of being the top Colorado boudoir photographer is getting to know my clients in a way that is intimate and fun. I want to know YOUR story.

Connect with me. I want to capture this time in your life. Celebration, triumph or gratitude – every day is a day to celebrate and capture!

Things that bring me joy!

My husband & my partner. We have been married for 6 years now, and this picture still brings tears to my eyes. Marriage can be hard but SO worth it!

Being a mother is a love unlike any other, and is so raw and awesome! I was a mom to an only son for 10 years, then we were blessed with a daughter. Every day they amaze me!

My rescue fur babies are a huge part of my life too! We have a 10-year-old lab named Frankie, and a 6-month-old lab/boxer mix named Selah. Life is never dull!

Travel is one of the few things you can buy that make you richer! Especially a trip to Iceland with photo bombing horses! I named this one Goldie, she followed me around and we had a moment!

Life is too short not to sparkle! Yes, I made this. It hangs in my office and drips a little glitter every day. I’m okay with that. Glitter is my favorite color!

A fabulous cocktail with friends  and laughter is basically therapy. Or champagne. Or margaritas. Or all of the above. It should really be a tax write-off, am I right?

If you want to read even more, there are a few ways that you can catch up with me in real time to learn more about me, and contact me to get your beautiful self into my studio.

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