Things You Should Know Thursday – The Facebook Tag & Randomness

I’m sure you all have seen the Facebook tags with random things to learn about someone else. I was surprised, yet secretly happy, that I was never tagged. Then I mentioned it to a group of friends who are smartasses, and that all went out the window. I figured it might make excellent content for a TYSKT blog post though, so here we go!

10 Random Things About Me –

1. I hate birds. My mom’s best friend had a bird that was really mean when I was little, and ever since then, I want nothing to do with them. When we were in Honduras last year, everyone encouraged me to go into the Macaw cage just to watch the others feed them. They said I didn’t have to touch them. I do think they’re beautiful, just stay away from me pretty please. Go inside, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. You’ll like it, they said. So I went into the cage, and immediately after entering, they told us that their beaks are so strong they could take your finger off. Well THAT is encouraging, thank you for that information. Then, this happened. Yes, that is me, trying so hard not to move and break out in tears and screams. Thank God Tom convinced the guy to get the bird off of my head. Look at him, can’t you just see it in his head? “Stupid human, I could break your finger off and peck your eyes out!” Creepy.


2. I don’t care for yellow gold. I love white gold and rose gold, but it is pretty rare that you will see me wearing yellow gold.

3. I used to collect stuffed mooses. Yes, I know that the plural for moose is still moose, but I prefer the word mooses. I think mooses are pretty damn awesome in general, they’re just cool animals.

4. I clean my ears and belly button every morning.

5. I really, really, REALLY want a pig, but Tom isn’t on board. When I casually mentioned this, my friend showed me a picture of her friend’s pig that is black and white WITH PAINTED RED TOENAILS. Umm yeah that didn’t help. Come ON isn’t that adorable?!


6. I play a few instruments and sing, and used to do musical theater and shows.

7. I absolutely LOVE having my feet rubbed. I know, what woman doesn’t, right? But I have seriously considered going to a massage therapist for an hour for JUST my feet.

8. I am beyond emotional and cry when watching certain commercials. And shows. And movies. And I’m no longer allowed to go to shelters or pet stores because I leave in tears – for a variety of reasons, but either way, I’m sobbing.

9. Any movie with talking animals is usually a winner in my book – even the ridiculous ones that really aren’t great movies. Like Marmaduke or Cats and Dogs.


10. This one you might already know. I have an entirely inappropriate sense of humor. And while some people might raise their eyebrows at this one, I think a lot of you secretly do too, you just hide it. Why do I think this? Because I posted a picture of this couch on my Facebook page, and it was the NUMBER ONE POST I have ever done. Perverts. ;)


Okay I’ve shared, I’m tagging everyone reading this – what is one random thing about you that I should know?


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