Halloween, Traditions, and Minions

What can I say, I love holidays!

If it were up to me, every single day would be a holiday, and I can always find something to celebrate. But alas, the world does not work that way, so I have to settle for the holidays that everyone else wants to celebrate too. I absolutely love decorating, baking, and doing anything super fun, finding an excuse to do something a little out of the ordinary.

Pumpkin carving has been a tradition in our family for awhile – nothing unusual, right? Years ago, it became a little more competitive than just carving a pumpkin. It became a straight up contest. And while I have tried to carve and take photos every year, I don’t have every single year. What can I say, I got married, gave birth, and other things were happening in my life!

pumpkin carving

My son was very upset this year when I wouldn’t tell him my grand plan for my pumpkins. He doesn’t keep secrets well, and I didn’t want anyone to know. Primarily because if they turned out HORRIBLY, I wouldn’t have to answer as to why, I could just do something else a little easier. They were fairly time consuming. Not necessarily hard, but definitely time consuming.

Every time I go to the hardware store, I get weird looks. They are trying to be helpful when they push me to tell them why I need what I’ve asked for, but as soon as I tell them, and it’s NOT for some home improvement project, they think I’m wacko. If only they knew how awesome these would turn out! ;)

First, I will share K’s pumpkin. This year he wanted to do Frankenstein, and when he found a green pumpkin at Anderson Farms, it was perfect! Although he got a little staple happy and wanted blood too, so it’s a Franken-zombie pumpkin. He did an awesome job, I love that he thinks a little outside the box like I do, a little nutty. ;)

frankenstein-pumpkin, zombie-pumpkin

He did an amazing job, I was so, so proud of him. He came up with the idea all by himself too, and screwed the bolts in!

He also helped with mine. :)

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Party People – I present to you, my 2013 pumpkins. I did two!

minion-pumpkin, minion-pumpkin-carving

Yes, there are jar lids, hoses, gloves, and headbands… pipe cleaners, screws, paint, and more lol! It was a LOT of work!

minion-pumpkin, minion-pumpkin-carving

minion-pumpkin, minion-pumpkin-carving, minion-pumpkin4

minion-pumpkin, minion-pumpkin-carving, minion-pumpkin1

minion-pumpkin, minion-pumpkin-carving

I’m a proud minion mama lol!

minion-pumpkin, minion-pumpkin-carving

11 years of carving and photos!

minion-pumpkin, minion-pumpkin-carving

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?