Denver Boudoir – You are More Than a Number

I saw this commercial a few weeks ago, and have so much to say about it, that I have put off doing this blog post. For far too long.

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I’m not ashamed of my size, although there are occasional comments from well-meaning relatives. Things like “you would be so pretty if you would only get to about a size 18, you could model.” Or “your butt would look so cute at about a size 16.” I smile and nod, trying not to snap back with a retort that would not only hurt feelings, but could potentially damage relationships. After all, when someone says something like that to you, class and tact are not the personality traits that immediately come out without really thinking about a response.

And since I know someone will ask me this question, here is the answer: No, it is not my husband saying these things to me. He is supportive of me and loves me the way that I am.

These comments, this commercial, and several other things that I’ve come across lately have made me think quite a bit about what we use to define ourselves. Labels – wife, mother, sister, doctor, photographer… Status – married, single… Ethnicities, sexualities, social status, the list of things that we can use to define who we are goes on and on. The argument could be made that these labels are superficial, things that aren’t really important, however I know that several people define themselves based on not only these words, but their experiences that come with these words. And these experiences are part of what makes us who we are – good, bad, ugly – the experience itself, and how we handle it, will help us to grow and ultimately become the people that we are today.

So why, with all of these other options, do we keep going back to a number on a tag to determine whether we are worth something or not? Why is it such a horrible thing to openly declare your jean size? Does it make you who you are? If you are a size 8, does that make you a stupid woman? If you are a size 16, does that make you a lazy woman? If you are a size 2, does that make you a mean woman? All of these statements line up with my feelings on the entire idea that a number defines who we are – absolutely, 100% ridiculous.

Ladies: You are more than just a number. Click here to tweet that!

Whether this number is a number on a tag in a pair of jeans, a number on a scale, or a number in any other sense – you are a human being, not a number. And when you are a woman that gives love and spreads joy to those around you, you are a woman deserving of love and respect. It doesn’t matter what number you see, anywhere around you! The number is not you, it is not who you are. It might be where you’re at on a journey, it might be your happy place, it might be something that makes you cringe and you’re working on it – BUT IT IS NOT WHO YOU ARE.

I have friends that are teeny tiny and fit, and have worked their BUTTS off to get that way. (Literally, ha!) I have friends that are larger and curvier, and have battled their weight their entire lives. I have friends who are right in the middle, but still look to that number to feel better about themselves.

So I have a challenge for you. I’m wondering if this is too much, too bold, but we’re going to go for it. In the comments below, or in the comments on this post on Facebook, I challenge you to share your size. If you want to share the why behind your size that’s okay too, but I want to know that size, that number. Get it out there, post it, and in the comments before and afterwards – let’s SUPPORT each other. This number is NOT who you are, and it will never be who you are – regardless of what the number is. And right after your size, I want you to post a word that describes you in a positive way. What do you love about yourself, what defines you, and who you REALLY are?

Size, and what do you love about yourself in the comments. Whew, this is crazy, right?

I’ll start – I’m a size 20-22, depending on what I’m trying on. I don’t really have a story about my size, other than the fact that I am comfortable with my size, healthy, and curvy. And as soon as I say I’ll start, I can’t think of something to write that is positive about myself after my size. That is crazy! Okay… I love to laugh, and have a positive outlook on life.

I did it ladies, you can too!

Watch the commercial, take the challenge, and support each other. A number doesn’t define you.

SO? What is your size? What is the number that is plaguing you? It is NOT who you are! Share in the comments below or in the conversation on Facebook.

By the way, I need one of these measuring tapes… watch below to see what I mean.


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