Denver Boudoir Photography – 10 Things I Learned in Vegas

Really, I learned a TON at WPPI this year. But in the interest of letting my brain decompress a little before diving into everything I need to do this month, I thought I would share 10 random things I learned in Las Vegas.

1. I really don’t like bar soap next to the sink in the bathroom. I will stick with my awesome smelling liquid soap, thank you.
2. Mean girls exist everywhere, at every age. More on this later.
3. Katy Perry’s Vegas song is WAY overplayed in Las Vegas. Yes, I get it, the song is about Vegas, but really? Every other song?
4. Massage therapists hanging out near the tradeshow entrance is one of the BEST IDEAS EVER.
5. The MGM food court needs more variety.
6. If I was going to be a bum, it would be next to the Bellagio fountains.
7. On the other end of the spectrum, I wouldn’t mind living in the MGM Skylofts. With the personal concierge, of course.
8. Women wear very little clothing in Las Vegas.
9. I wonder if the Wicked Spoon would mind if I stayed there ALL DAY LONG. I could bring my laptop and work from there!

And the MOST IMPORTANT THING about Las Vegas – something I didn’t really learn, I already knew, but was REINFORCED forever in my mind:

10. Glitter, rhinestones and sparkles are absolutely acceptable, and even ENCOURAGED, on EVERYTHING, even lollipop sticks and cement.

And because every post is better with a photo, here is a sneak peek of one of my shoots while in Vegas!

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