Denver Boudoir Photographer – 10 People I Encounter at Shows

Maybe another title for this could be “the types of looks I get at shows.”

What shows, you may be asking? As a Denver boudoir photographer, every year I do several events. Denver bridal shows, expos, and various events. I usually have a table, with a slideshow, and banners of my work. And 90% of what is shown is boudoir. If you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t one of them, but let me tell you – there are some serious haters out there when it comes to boudoir. The things I have been told, the comments that have been made, and the looks I get could be an entirely separate blog post. However, I have encountered some pretty interesting characters at the various events that I do, and it makes me chuckle.

I wanted to introduce you to a few of the most common!

1. The person that avoids eye contact entirely.
Male and female, these people are so shocked by my Denver boudoir photos because – GASP – there’s a woman that is showing skin – that they won’t even look me in the eye. They walk by the table, trying to look at the slideshow, and when I try to catch their eye to say hello, they immediately look down and walk a little faster. I wonder if they pass Victoria’s Secret in the mall with the same reaction?

2. The person that watches me from across the room.
Both male and female, this person watches me from across the room for at least a good 15 minutes. They watch the slideshow, look at me, and try to decide whether they like my work, or hate it. I can tell they’re undecided, and it looks like there is an internal battle going on. In the end, a warm smile will usually get them over to talk to me, and they will usually share their story. A lot of times, there are specific photos they are waiting to see in the slideshow, that is why they watch. Sometimes, they just needed to be a little courageous to come over and talk to me.

3. The woman attending with her partner, trying to get his okay.
This woman walks by me several times and loves what I do, I can see her eyes light up when she thinks of photos of herself looking amazing. But she isn’t sure what her partner will say about it, so she quietly nudges him in my direction, trying to gauge his interest. She watches him closely, and wants to know how he feels about boudoir. She wants to know whether she would be upsetting him by talking to me, and so watches his reaction before approaching me.

4. The free spirits who are still rather judgmental.
These are the men and women with lots of tattoos, crazy hairstyles, and wearing just about anything. They clearly want the world to know that they are in charge of their own person, and they value their right to express themselves! But they look at my work with disdain and disgust, I’m not really sure why. It confuses me why someone who is so open to changing their bodies and freedom of expression would look down on someone else expressing themselves in any way.

5. The exuberant partner and hesitant woman.
This is a couple attending together that usually walks by a few times, because he is trying to warm her up to the idea. Usually he looks at her adoringly, and I can tell that he is really into her. He would LOVE to see photos of her wearing very little, but she isn’t quite there yet. She is hesitant for a variety of reasons, but usually feels that she isn’t pretty enough to take the photos. I wish that she could understand how he sees her, how the rest of the world sees her!

6. The excited woman that has always wanted to do boudoir.
This woman walks up to me really excited and tells me how she has always wanted to do a session but has been nervous! Usually we talk for awhile, and become fast friends. We do her session, she is amazing, and in a couple of years we are still friends, talking to each other about parties and kiddos, and everything in between.

7. The woman that is too _________.
This woman approaches me and tells me that she wishes she could do something like Denver boudoir photography, but she is too old. Or too big. Or too shy. Or not pretty enough. These make me so sad, and I always wonder where this programming came from. What happened in her past that makes her feel this way? Usually we talk, and she is hesitant but I can get her to take a card. Sometimes she will email me six months later to tell me it’s time! Sometimes, it takes a year.

Believe me, I have been through this so many times, with different people, with different personalities – ranging from downright rude and mean, to exuberant and excited. I am always curious about someone’s story, why they’re responding the way they do. When I’m working with my clients for their Denver boudoir sessions, I get to know them and learn more about their past, and the WHY behind their session. Or their lack of session, or their reluctance to even consider a session.

The people that I encounter at shows can definitely be characters, and I really love meeting new people. At times, there is the connection in person that is hard to duplicate online or in print. Whether they are ready to book their session on the spot, or need some time to warm up to me – I work with some amazing women.

If you see me out at a show, say hi. Don’t be afraid to come talk to me, I don’t bite. Usually. ;)

If you don’t want to do a session, that’s okay! I’m not going to hunt you down and try to shove it down your throat. But if you’re interested, we can talk. It might take you six months to really watch me and find out if I’m the laid back and funny person that I claim to be. (Yes I still maintain that I’m funny, despite what my husband says.) It might even take you a year to be comfortable with the thought that you – yes YOU – can look amazing in your Denver boudoir photos as well. I’m okay with that, I’m patient. I want you to be comfortable.

If you think that you are too ______________ to do a session, I promise you – you are not alone. Too fat, too skinny, too short, too old – I have heard them all. The voices in our heads are not very kind when it comes to ourselves. Please know that you are valuable, and deserve to spoil yourself every once in awhile! My photography is for every woman that has ever been not ____________ enough. Not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not tall enough, not funny enough – insert whatever adjective you want, but it still applies. You ARE enough, and I would love to show you in your photos.

When you see me at a show or event, come talk to me. We’ll have fun, I promise!

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