Denver Boudoir Photographer – Meet the Team!

It has been a long time coming, to get this information onto the website. I am learning more and more that my perfectionism is keeping me from really posting and sharing too much. I want everything to be JUST perfect before it is posted, which quite frankly, is bullshit. Why? Because nothing is ever just perfect. There are always things to be updated, things to be changed, and as a Denver boudoir photographer, I will always find something else that I need to fix or update. SO – I am trying to get over my perfectionism and just go for it. Put it out there, and hope for the best. Jump, and the net will appear, right?

I work with some seriously amazing women, and I have wanted to get their information and photos online forever, and it is finally here! I attempt to respond to all emails personally – and if it has my name on it, it is from me. However, I do have a team that helps me behind the scenes, and you will occasionally get some correspondence from them as well. I don’t want any of them to be strangers, because we are a close group, and I want all of my Denver boudoir studio clients to be super comfortable whenever they work with us!

So without further ado, I invite you over to the Meet the Team page to learn a little more about the team members! I have two assistants, and two stylists that I work with regularly. My assistants are both invaluable and I adore them both – strong women with different backgrounds and goals! Jamie and Lindsay are amazing additions to my team and I’m so happy to have both of them. They are open, funny, and have a great sense of humor, and I love that we can joke around in the studio. Let’s face it – with women walking around naked, garters snapping, and wardrobe malfunctions, laughing is 100% necessary at times. Life is too short not to laugh, right?

I work with SO many stylists that are amazing, but due to scheduling, Alli and Ashleigh are the two that you will probably see most often in the studio. I tell my clients all the time – I’m a Denver boudoir photographer, not a stylist, you do NOT want me doing your makeup. Maybe one day I will be great at it, but right now, I leave hair and makeup for all of my clients, and myself, to these amazing women.

Please head on over to the Meet the Team page to learn more about them. We can’t wait to work with you!

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If you’d like to have more information about what the heck is going on with sessions, parties and more, click here to grab my Denver boudoir photographer guide – How to Look Amazing in Photos. It has tips and tricks to help you look amazing in photos – whether your clothes are on or off – and avoid having to untag yourself in a social media photo again. Or, just laugh with me at various shenanigans and get early access to events, model calls, and awesome goings-on. Either way, come join the list. We have cocktails.

I am so privileged to be a top Denver boudoir photographers! My clients’ privacy is a top priority for these intimate portraits. Any and all boudoir images that are posted have been shared by the subject with written permission. I am honored that my clients choose to share their images with the world, and talk about their experiences with those images.