Denver Boudoir Photos – The Experience, a Different Perspective

Happy Monday people!

I have a few entries for the Diva 2013 contest, I’m REALLY excited with what is coming in so far! If you want to enter, click here to read the information – don’t wait!

As you all remember, last year I added an assistant to my team. The beautiful Amy is with me once a week, and shoots with me regularly. She has been a fantastic addition, and I’m SO blessed to have her! I asked her last week to think about what she would say about the experience of a boudoir shoot with me, because I wanted to hear someone else’s perspective. I get emails from my clients, I know what I see, I wanted to hear what someone else had to say. It’s always interesting to me to see what stands out to different people, and reading her experience was no different. We will definitely have to do Amy’s boudoir shoot soon! ;)

Amy’s thoughts on a boudoir session with Brooke Summer Photography:

Let me just say this. I’m not a prude by any means, but I have never had any level of comfort with my body. Nudity on other people….at the very least makes me giggle and don’t even get me started on how wierded out I am at the thought of my own nudity. To me I would feel like an undecorated Christmas Tree.

Coming into Brooke’s studio was so different than what I expected. Her studio is located in her home, between the scent of her homemade brownies, her soulful lab, Frankie, named after the great Frank Sinatra, or the occasional Lego, it feels, warm, inviting and safe.

The session starts out with hair and make up, and let me tell you this is not some sweet little Mary Kay lady, when Lacey gets done you never knew you could look that hot.

What strikes me the most about Brooke is her laughter and confidence. And it is contagious. I don’t know of any adults that are fully comfortable with themselves naked. I think it’s normal at the beginning to feel a little shy or even awkward, but 30 minutes in, you’ll be strutting your stuff and getting down with your bad self.

I want women to feel comfortable with me. A big challenge, considering most of them are near naked when we hang out, but important nonetheless. Based on the emails I receive from clients before they have even seen the photos, the day after their shoot, I think that I do pretty well in that goal. We are SO DARN HARD on ourselves ladies! I want your session to be a time where you can forget about your flaws, and you can really relax instead of constantly thinking about all of the things that you can find wrong with yourself.

I feel like Stuart Smalley every time I say this – but you are pretty enough, you thin enough, and you are good enough to do a boudoir session. RIGHT NOW – not in six months, when you lose 20 pounds. Right now, this very moment.

Because every post is better with a photo, here is a sneak peek from a recent session.
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What is your number one fear when it comes to having a boudoir session done for yourself? I would love to know in the comments below. :)

Email me if you’d like more information about getting your session done. For some reason March has EXPLODED this year for me, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping – so don’t wait, schedule your session now!