Denver Boudoir Photography – Dazzling Diva 2013 Finalists Announced!

I never dreamed that this choice would be SO hard. To the point of tears, I was so torn. Rejection sucks. Even if you’re submitting for a contest and you know that everyone can’t win, it still sucks to hear that you weren’t chosen. Been there, done that, cried and felt like crap.

I never, ever want to make anyone feel this way. To Cait, Holly, Alyssa, Katie, Lindsey, Michelle, Mollie, Monique, and Sandra – you all are beautiful, and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t have all of you. I feel so honored that you entered, and I sent you an email with a special surprise today, so if you haven’t seen it, check your inbox! Thank you so much for your entries and your stories, I want you all to know that the decision was in no way based on physical appearance whatsoever. You are all gorgeous!

Whew. That pulls at me even writing it… my husband told me it had to happen, it was a contest. I get that, but still – not something I wanted to do.

With disappointing news though for some, comes some awesome news for the finalists! As I said above, the decision was not at all based on physical appearance. Every single woman that entered was beautiful, and the finalists are no exception. Several things were taken into consideration, such as scheduling, personality, the entry, and lots of other things! I was figuring this would be a difficult decision, so I recruited help. These wonderful women are amazing photographers, and were SO helpful in the decision, thank you so much ladies!

Stacey Ingram with Simply Boudoir
Dawn Gilmore with Dawn Gilmore Fine Art Photography
Jennifer Tallerico with JT Noir & Tallerico Photography
Tamara Alexander with Paskey Boudoir
Jen Swedhin with Jen Swedhin Photography
Heather Walker with Columbus Boudoir

Okay. Thanks, check! Onto some beautiful divas, right?

To give you an idea of how truly difficult this decision was, instead of THREE finalists, we ended up with four total. Yep, that means we will be doing FOUR total sessions on Saturday! These beautiful women will have their hair and makeup done, and we will do a mini session for each one of them!

Introducing the Dazzling Diva 2013 Finalists, in random order!

**All photos below were submitted by the entrants, and were not taken by me… I will be taking some photos of these beautiful ladies this weekend!**


Why would you be a good fit, what is your story?

Just as I’m sure every little girl has, I’ve always dreamed of being a model. The runways of Paris didn’t work out (thankfully, I love cheeseburgers too much), so I think it would be awesome to work with a local photographer lady (woman power!). I am very open-minded, willing to try anything once (sometimes twice!). And let’s not forget that I’ve always yearned to be a muse. Originally from Nashville, TN (Music City, USA!), after spending a year trekking around Costa Rica (barely speaking Spanglish), I moved to Colorful Colorado a tad over 2 years ago – Love! Love! Love! all things Colorado! And here I am. Happy as a clam!

What do you love most about yourself?

I love my awesome sense of humor! Physically I love my smile, my height (5’10”) and my hips (breedin’ hips!) – I love that I have the body of a real woman.

Have you done modeling in the past, and if so, what type? (this is NOT required!)

Zip. Zilda. Nada.

We loved Amanda’s sense of humor – and breedin’ hips and cheeseburgers cracked me up!


Why would you be a good fit, what is your story?

I am a 40 year old GRANDMOTHER, who is trying to find herself after a divorce and being with the same man for my entire adult life. I’m doing the things I like to do and being myself. I think a lot of women look up to me for my resilience in times of adversity. I like challenges and to do the things people say I cannot do. Your life is not over because you get divorced or are in a dead end career. Find out what you really want and go for it all the way. But please please PLEASE!! Wear a decent pair of shoes in the process :)

What do you love most about yourself?

I love that I am 40 but feel youthful in my soul. I like to have fun and wear pretty clothes but as I grow older, I also appreciate the simpler things in life. I also love being a woman and all the things that go with it.

Have you done modeling in the past, and if so, what type? (this is NOT required!)

I have only done modeling for my friends. Like hair and hand modeling for their businesses.

We loved Tawna’s attitude – moving through difficult stuff in life that gets thrown at us. Especially as women, sometimes we take things personally – I do this WAY too much!


I love women. I love empowering them and staying “real”. I had a really hard time after my son was born finding a good fit in moms groups. The women were always one upping each other or judging them. So I created my own moms group. Women need to stick together and build each other up not tear them down.

What do you love most about yourself?

I love my personality, I love to flirt, I love anything and anyone that makes me feel happy and confident about being me. That might sound conceded but honesty I just love being me and embrace my imperfections and I’d love the opportunity to prove to women that you don’t have to be a stick to be beautiful.

Have you done modeling in the past, and if so, what type? (this is NOT required!)

I did a little when I was about 14.

We loved Cait’s no-nonsense attitude when it comes to moms and women. I absolutely agree 100% that women need to build each other up and help each other!


Why would you be a good fit, what is your story?

I think that this would be an awesome experience for me, a chance to really show how everyone is beautiful and everyone has a ‘Dazzling Diva” to share with the world. I have not always been so sure that everyone, (mainly myself) had any attractive features, or beauty to speak of. As a child and young adult I was chubby and then pretty overweight. I had plenty of kids at school, and some family members drill into me that I was fat and not pretty. One day, I became sick of the, “When is your baby due?” comments everywhere I went. I decided to change this part of my life. I joined a program, with my determination and the support of those closest to me, I lost over 40 pounds. I became a long distance runner whom could accomplish anything and amaze even herself. I now spend my work hours helping others on that same program reach their goals. I strive to bring out their thinner and happier selves. I see people every day go from wall flowers who are unsure or their place in this world, to confident men and women that can recognize beauty in themselves and others.

What do you love most about yourself?

What I love most about myself is that I am beautiful! I’m not a supermodel, or a movie star, but I have pretty eyes, a wonderful smile, and a healthy body. I love that I can truly appreciate where I am now because of where I have come from. I wasn’t always comfortable to wear a pretty blouse, or wear make up, but I have found that I makes me feel good and others react to my efforts. I feel that what I can offer other women inspiration to let out their inner “Dazzling Divas”.

Have you done modeling in the past, and if so, what type? (this is NOT required!)

I have not done any modeling in the past, but I am excited for the opportunity to have a new experience.

We loved Alyssa’s story! It kills me that people will tell others that they’re not pretty because of weight, or other physical attributes. I love that she is comfortable with herself, and wants to encourage other women to love themselves too!

Voting will be coming soon on Facebook – so here is your notice! If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will want to get one ASAP to have your vote counted. Again, thank you to everyone who entered, I am truly honored to be working with such amazing women!