Boudoir Photographer – Studio Soiree 2013 Photo Booth!

The Soiree photos of the event were posted yesterday, if you haven’t seen them yet, click here to go take a look!

For anyone unsure what the heck all of these photos are for, and why would I share photo booth pictures when I’m a professional photographer, a little backstory:

I am a professional boudoir photographer and wedding photographer in Denver, CO. Every year, I have a Soiree that is for my past clients and all of the awesome people that I work with throughout the year. It’s a night of fun, cocktails, and this year we even had a fashion show! These images are from the photo booth.

All caught up?

As I was going through these photos a few things occurred to me.

1. You all crack me up. Seriously, I love it!
2. I work with some of the most beautiful people in Denver. Holy moly y’all are hot.
3. I clearly needed a touchup on makeup, why didn’t you all tell me?
4. Oh the props in my mind for next year…

Haha! Seriously though, tell a girl when she needs a touchup, okay?

The super awesome Ryan Olsen was on hand to take photos of all of our guests at the Soiree. He did a great job, with very little notice, and I kind of just threw it at him – a sexier photobooth, without the silly huge glasses and stuff like that. Since we spoke electronically, I couldn’t see his eye roll, but I kind of felt it. ;) It’s cool, I understand – and he did wonderfully! Jen was an amazing model to get everything set up properly, I just couldn’t remove the photos, right?

I know what you’re asking as you see the “play” button below… YES the photos will be on Facebook this afternoon. So you all can tag yourselves silly and have new profile pictures and laugh like I did as I was going through these.

Happy Friday!!