Last night was quite the evening. I truly think that yesterday was either a crazy moon, or a day for crazies, because they came out of the woodwork. I was called pretty much every name in the book, words that I would never want my son to hear. And for anyone who knows me, that must be pretty bad. ;)


Yep, it was that bad.

So today’s blog post is a post to make you all smile. It started as a collection of pictures to make someone else smile when she is feeling anxious, and has kind of blown up. Today, I was the one that needed that collection, and I wanted to share some with you today. I had to force myself to go to the collection instead of Pinterest, because that is where I find hundreds to add to the collection and I have entirely too much to do today! I have been all business lately, and today I needed to stop and take a few to smile.

Maybe you are feeling anxious or sad, I hope these make you smile too! Pass them along to someone who might need a laugh. I tried to leave out the ones that could be offensive, but as we all know, I am far from politically correct. ;)



See I knew there was a reason I don’t sew.

old sewing advice



smart people crazy


I never thought about it this way, but it is kind of strange.

balloons weird sack of breath


I tried to talk my husband into this for a Halloween costume. If he was the kind of guy who said hell, he would have said HELL no. Instead, I just got “the look.” Hey, I would wear it, but I don’t have the parts to pull it off!

peter pan adult costume


Someone could make a fortune selling these.

mommy advisory system


As I drink my iced venti vanilla latte… Ryan says it’s okay.

ryan gosling starbucks



can't all be a princess


I wish I was this witty when I was younger. Although in hindsight, I probably would have been in a lot of trouble. I can see this coming in the next few years though, my son has this sense of humor.

saturn single lady


And the cereal just sits there, all dry and lonely.

no milk cereal


Someone told me this morning “haters gonna hate” and I knew there had to be photos. I found a ton and couldn’t decide between Batman and the shark. I mean really, Batman, and a shark – how can you choose? So you get them both.




Finally – so important. Let’s never forget this, okay? So when you need someone to tell you that, you let me know, and you remind me too. Deal? Okay.