Puberty Sucks. May as Well Have Cake.

It has been awhile since I’ve really shared anything personal on the blog. I get so wrapped up in business, and separating business and personal things, that sometimes I forget. In my brain, blogging is business – but the simple fact is, that isn’t necessarily the case. My blog was started many years ago as a kind of journal into my life, and I miss that. I also know that my clients enjoy getting to know me, like I love getting to know their stories too!

So in light of that, and because several of my clients who are my friends on Facebook said that I should share, I have something a little more personal today.

On Friday, I posted THIS on Facebook.


At the time, I was just cracking up at the fact that I had to repeat PUBERTY over and over again, right next to two grandmothers who were ordering graduation cakes. I didn’t think about the backstory, or the WHY behind this. And naturally Facebook wanted to know what the heck I was doing, spelling puberty for a cake.

So the story must be told.

Yep, I’m THAT mom.

Before I share, let me put this disclaimer out there – I am very careful with what is shared about my kiddos, and have my son’s blessing to share this.

As I tell you this, keep in mind that my son’s birthday is in the summer, so school is never in session. He never gets to bring cupcakes to school to celebrate, have people sing to him, or have a “day” that is really his at school.

Friday was the big 5th grade puberty class day, put on by the museum. Remember 5th grade sex ed? I remember it, vividly! Dr. Coffey was one of my most favorite teachers in my life, and I remember hearing him yell at the boys in the classroom next door. Yep, they split up the girls and boys. I found out later that he was yelling at the boys as if they were the ones that got his daughter pregnant, a kind of role playing thing. Looking back, it makes me chuckle even more thinking about my son going through that. How awkward.

We have been receiving notes home and permission slips about this class for about a month now. Reminders – “don’t forget the puberty class is coming up!” Every time I got a reminder I would talk with K about it, and we would make some jokes about how uncomfortable and awkward it was probably going to be.

For his class, it wasn’t true sexual education, just the development and anatomy portion, basically here’s how your body is going to change. Necessary information, right?

There is a commercial that has been making the rounds lately, for Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Our family lovvvves DQ cakes, and the commercial cracks me up.

Basically, every day is a day to celebrate! And since puberty class would be rather awkward, why not celebrate? I HAD A BRILLIANT IDEA HERE, PEOPLE!

So I told Tom that I was going to get a cake to celebrate K’s big puberty class at school. I had grand plans for this cake! I was going through everything I wanted on the cake, trying to decide what would be too over the top. What kind of frosting? What kind of ice cream? WHAT KIND OF DECORATION!? How fun would this be?

Then, K found out about the cake. He acted embarrassed and was like noooooo…. but started laughing. I know he wasn’t truly embarrassed about it, he is the kid that doesn’t get embarrassed by much. How do I know he wasn’t embarrassed? He went to school and TOLD HIS TEACHER that I was going to bring a cake to celebrate puberty class.

I was stunned. That was never the plan. It was going to be a cake at home, to laugh about and blush a little and talk about how awkward the day was. But now that K had opened this can of worms, it had to happen. I couldn’t let down a class of awkward pre-teens! Now, I had to change my originally planned cake to be more school appropriate.

So that is how we ended up at King Soopers, spelling puberty four times for the bakers.


A friend of mine who is a beautiful cake artist noted that the person that wrote this wasn’t exactly a perfectionist. It was spelled wrong and corrected three times, I figured we would leave it alone at that point. I was tempted to tell her to hand me the bag and I would do it myself, but I figured that might be even more awkward.

When we took the cake to the school (previously cleared with his teacher, I might add…) the office called him down to get the cake. He tried to act embarrassed, but couldn’t pull it off. He was excited and told the office lady allll about why we were bringing the cake to school. He took the cake into his classroom proudly, while his teacher was laughing.

So that, my friends, is how we ended up with this cake, that K was very happy and proud to bring into his class to celebrate. It sucks to go through puberty, may as well have cake.

Several of my clients and friends loved that last sentence, so I wanted to make something pretty with it, however I realized that the photos I have of cake are primarily wedding cakes! I do have this gorgeous photo from the ever awesome Kelley Kakes, I will put a version without lettering of it below so you can see the amazing detail. Seriously, she is fantastic!

puberty-cake, lego-cake, lego-house-cake, kelley-kakes

Some awesome details. Because, ya know, cake.

Kelley-kakes, lego-cake, denver-cakes, lego-house-cake


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