One Little Word 2019

Well hello there, awesome people. We are in MARCH now – meaning this first quarter is almost over. How is the new year treating you?

I feel like it’s going CRAZY fast, but I’m also crazy excited for what is to come!

For anyone unfamiliar with One Little Word that would like to read the origin and information from the original creator, Ali Edwards, click here.

It seems like every time we enter a new year, we see all of the new year’s resolutions everywhere. LOSE WEIGHT! GET FIT! GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER! And countless other things. And these resolutions usually start with the best of intentions, but then get lost, and people just give up. I think I just saw a statistic that 6% of resolutions actually stick – SIX percent, that is crazy!

I used to make resolutions as well, but in 2008 I STOPPED entirely. I decided to choose a word for the year, a word to focus on. This is a word that is the underlying word in most decisions and day to day tasks. It is a word that is necessary but also healing, something that will help me to change into someone that makes the world a better place.

I am now entering my 11th year of doing this, and I can’t believe it has been 11 years!

You can read more about past words here:

2008 – Independence
2011 – Confidence
2012 – Action
2013 – Sticktoitiveness
2014 – Fearless
2015 – Thrive
2016 – Revitalize
2017 – Progress… {over perfection}
2018 – Dauntless

Yes, there are a few years missing. Not because I didn’t do them, but because I didn’t blog about them. That was a really turbulent and crazy time in my life, and I’m happy to have just survived, so I will give myself a pass.

It is interesting to me to look back on the words because it is kind of a high level overview of what is going on in my life. And yes, this year I’m actually repeating a word that I’ve previously done – which a few years ago wouldn’t have happened because my perfectionist self would say IT HAS TO BE NEW! But instead, this year, I’m going to move forward instead of letting my perfectionism stop me.

It’s kind of funny because as I write this, I just updated my website, and ended up breaking some of the main pieces. So… yay? And my word actually pertains to this – because instead of just walking away and going to scream in a closet somewhere, I’m going to just move forward and not panic.

My One Little Word for 2019 is ACTION.

Last year, I ordered a custom acrylic word from someone on Etsy, to put the word on my wall in front of my monitor so that I can see it at all times. And I loved it so much that this year, I ordered another, and the color I chose was rose gold mirror.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it is rather ironic, because it is currently sitting on my keyboard. With the mirror showing MY FACE, in the word action. It is an everyday kind of nudge to keep moving forward. At this point, I’m not even sure that I will put it on the wall, because I like the mirror sitting there! Ignore my dusty keyboard, k? And my Lego figures and my turtles and hand cream… welcome to my desk.

When I told some of my friends my word for 2019, they were kind of surprised. Because yes, I do take a lot of action in most circumstances. I am one of those people that is constantly moving, it is rare that I just sit and do nothing. Actually if I’m being completely honest, it drives me absolutely crazy to not be doing something. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing. There is an art to doing nothing, which I haven’t quite perfected yet. Yes, I am an action taker, but when it comes to things that make me uncomfortable, I tend to just freeze.

So when someone gives me a compliment, I just freeze. When I am overwhelmed with a task that just seems really difficult, I just freeze. When there is something that I really want to do but umm… it sounds scary, I just freeze. I don’t walk the other way, I don’t freak out or do something crazy, I just do nothing.

And that isn’t helping anyone, least of all myself.

So I chose Action for my word this year, to remind myself to take ACTION, even if I’m overwhelmed. Even if I’m scared. Even if I’m not really sure what the heck to do. To do it ANYWAY, and take action to move forward. And I kind of love that my unicorn is reflected in this photo!


And because every blog post is better with an image that wasn’t just taken with my phone, I want to introduce you to one of my recent clients – a badass mom that wanted to remind herself that it is time to take care of HER. And isn’t that the damn truth. Ladies, it is time for you to take action too, to take care of yourselves, and not just everyone else!

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I would love to know in a comment below – what are YOU focusing on this year? What is your word for the year?


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