Denver Boudoir Studio – One Little Word 2015

It’s interesting to me that posts like this can make me feel so darn old. ;) After all, having done One Little Word for 7 years means that I must be approaching middle age or something, right?

In 2008, one of my favorite scrapbooking and creative bloggers introduced a concept that I absolutely fell in love with. I have never really loved New Year’s Resolutions – they seem to be repetitive and boring, and too easily forgotten. Instead of a resolution, Ali suggested One Little Word.

Instead of a list of resolutions that you’re probably going to forget or ignore, why not choose one word that you can focus on throughout the year? This made COMPLETE sense to me, and I embraced it! I have been choosing One Little Word since 2008, although for some reason I can’t find my word for 2009 and 2010 anywhere. I’m surprised it’s not in some sort of internet archive, the permanence of internet content is astounding. After going back through old blog posts, scrapbook layouts, and journal entries, these were my past words, with the blog posts that accompany them, when applicable:

2008 – Independence
2011 – Confidence
2012 – Action
2013 – Sticktoitiveness
2014 – Fearless

I have really, really been struggling with this in 2015. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or life changing SO much and so quickly for me at the very beginning of the year, but I was seriously wondering if my One Little Word for this year was ever going to happen. I had an idea in my head, but it was hard to find one word that really fit for everything that I wanted it to cover! Finally, a couple of days ago, while nursing my beautiful daughter, it came to me!

Last year’s One Little Word was Fearless – and that word was so appropriate throughout the year. My life and my business changed in ways that I never thought possible, and I took some huge risks throughout the year. There were things I was absolutely terrified of, and I jumped anyway. My husband Tom supported me 100%, and encouraged me to look past my fear and see the possibilities.

I moved into my new and huge Denver boudoir studio in April of 2014, and a week later, found out I was pregnant with my second child. I panicked and overbooked myself – and while I worked my ASS off to make sure that everything was taken care of, it was just too much. I absolutely love what I do – being a Denver boudoir photographer is an amazing experience! But it is definitely hard work. I was running around like a crazy person, all while growing a human being. By November, I was frazzled, and by my break in December, I was spent. I was in survival mode, trying to make it through the holidays, my pregnancy, and the rest of the year. And I never want to feel that way again.

Granted, I have to give myself a bit of a break – I was very pregnant. Most women feel awful at that time, so really, I need to give myself a little bit of grace. But I don’t want to feel that way again. I don’t want to be just in survival mode. I want to THRIVE.

I want to feel confident as a wife, a mother, and a business owner. I want to make confident and smart decisions, to move past survival into THRIVING. I want to see this in every aspect of my life – my family, my business, and everything in between. I want to know my husband and have an awesome marriage that thrives, despite the stress that the world brings. I want to watch my kids grow and be healthy, thriving human beings. I want to watch my business grow and reach thousands of women, and thrive beyond what I’ve ever dreamed possible.

So I’m late with my One Little Word for 2015 – here it is, almost March, and I have just now decided. But better late than never, right?

My One Little Word to focus on for 2015 will be THRIVE. With each decision, each thing added to my to do list, and every move I make, I want to ask myself, will this help my family to thrive? My business to thrive?

THRIVE – a somewhat short word, but so powerful.

What is YOUR One Little Word for 2015?

Because every post is better with a photo, and we have had so much snow lately, how about some cozy boudoir to keep you warm?

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