Denver Boudoir – Featured on the NEWS!

Well hello there, party people! Ready for some fun news?

My Denver boudoir work was featured on the NEWS a few weeks ago!

Okay so that’s the end result, YAY – but there’s quite a story behind all of this.

Back in September, the process started. I was contacted about being featured in a special about photographers in Colorado, and after learning a little more, said yes!

And then, the nerves set in.

I don’t feel very confident on video.
I don’t know what to wear so that I can shoot and also look presentable.
The person that would be doing the video of the entire process is a male, will he really GET boudoir, and understand that it’s about so much more than sexy photos?
Who am I going ask to model that would be okay with a video? Will she be interviewed too?
Is it going to be super creepy to have another person – especially a guy – at a session that isn’t a couples session?

Yeah… the nerves definitely set in. But I committed, and in mid-September, James Long of James Long Photography joined us in my Denver boudoir studio!

The gorgeous Ms. M agreed to model, and I told her I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I figured if it turned out to be awkward, we would just laugh it off anyway. Brooke Rock is an amazing stylist and agreed to do hair and makeup, and we all gathered to do something that three of the four of us hadn’t done before!

And then my mind spun even more. James was setting up his equipment, and I had met him previously, but had never worked with him directly. Would he make any inappropriate comments about boudoir? Would there be any weird comments on the side about Ms. M being in lingerie? Would the “locker room” talk that some guys use to demean or belittle women become a part of this session? All of my fears were coming to the surface. The LAST thing that I wanted was to have a news piece about Denver boudoir photography, and then have it portrayed in a way that was not at ALL in line with my mission and passion for women. And all of the sudden, I was terrified.

But despite my fears and everything going through my brain, I stepped in front of the camera anyway – the very thing that I ask my clients to do all the time. And just like my clients, I found out that my fears were completely unfounded and unnecessary. Because when we put ourselves out there in a situation that makes us uncomfortable, that is usually when we grow the most.

James was unbelievably professional, and there were zero weird comments. His questions were in complete alignment with my mission and my passion. The final segment only has a few of the questions, and at one point James asked if I had rehearsed because the answers were so on point. Which is, of course, hilarious, because there was no rehearsal whatsoever.

I have spent so many years defending my work, and I am so passionate about what I do and even more importantly the WHY behind what I do, that the answers to his questions came naturally to me.

Everything worked out BEAUTIFULLY! And then, a couple of weeks later, the news came – the footage might be too racy for the news.

My heart sunk. I posted in my client Facebook group asking for good juju, prayers, or anything in between.

I wanted SO MUCH for boudoir to be SEEN. To be recognized as art that is for WOMEN – not just fun pictures for the guys. And now it might be too racy? We worked SO hard to keep it as tame as possible, I swear, on my honor, but apparently not tame enough. So the footage went further up the ladder, to determine if it would get the okay to air. And a few months went by… and on Sunday, January 13th, I was notified that it was coming!


So, long story short – I work with the most amazing women in the world, Ms. M and Brooke Rock are just two of many, and they seriously ROCKED this session and this recording. James is a phenomenal artist that truly GETS what boudoir is all about, and his work is crazy good. Emmy winning good y’all – seriously.

And the news segment was born on Fox31 news! With the scheduling, I didn’t get to host a watch party like I was going to, but in the end, it all worked out. We need to do a party this year anyway, maybe we will show it then.

Thank you James, for your amazing work, and your professionalism and understanding.
Thank you Ms. M, for always being willing to jump in on my crazy ideas, even when I’m not 100% sure what to expect.
Thank you Brooke, for your stunning stylist expertise and professionalism, and just all around being awesome. I should have asked you to do my makeup too, I was just too nervous! ;)

And now I’m tearing up – no lie, I am surrounded by amazing people.


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