Denver Boudoir Photographer – Happy Mother’s Day!

A few years ago, I shared a story that was shared with me about becoming a mother. Unfortunately I don’t have a source for it, because it was shared back before memes were a thing – in the days of email forwarding. Yep, I remember it well, I’m an internet dinosaur. This post is something that I share with any of my friends that find out they’re expecting. It shares what it is REALLY like to become a mother. Not the pain of labor, not the changes in your life that you know are coming, but the complete and total transformation of perspective. You can read the full post here.

This year is my first Mother’s Day as a biological mother of two, and the biological mother of a girl. I love my children dearly, and having a girl makes me think of all of the things that girls and women face that the boys don’t necessarily have to deal with. I know that in writing that, I’m probably going to get some hate mail saying “men have body issues too!” And yes, that is true. But as a Denver boudoir photographer, I can personally attest to the body issues and image problems that we face, as women, every day. We have unspoken insecurities, and insecurities that we are okay sharing with the world. I think of all of the things that I want her to know, and to internalize. I also think of what I can teach my son to respect and encourage the women in his life, especially his sister, and ultimately his wife when he is married. There are so many things that I want to share with Princess P, things that she won’t understand for quite awhile, but weigh on my heart.

That she is beautiful as she is, without any of the cosmetics, special clothes, surgeries, or any other type of changes that the world might tell her she needs to be beautiful.

That she doesn’t need anyone else in her life to be worthy, she is worthy all on her own.

To set standards to protect that mindset, to choose men that complement her life and partner with her, instead of tearing her down.

To not just ignore the voices around her that tell her she must do SOMETHING to be good enough, but to CHANGE those voices. To be a voice that is inspirational and meaningful enough to drown out those voices not only for herself, but for others as well.

To know that her body is hers alone, and no one has the right to invade that space in any way, shape or form.

To be proud of her shape and the way that God made her, no matter what that shape may be. To know her power and strength as a true princess.

There are so many things I want to share with her, I feel like I could continue typing forever. Right now I can see her sleeping through her monitor, and my heart just swells with love.

I thank God every day for my children, they are an amazing blessing, and the love that I feel for them cannot be quantified or described. They don’t understand this, and right now, that’s okay. They will, one day.

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To all of the moms out there – whether you’re a biological mother, a step-mother, a furbaby mother, an adoptive mother, a hope-to-be-mother, someone who has lost their mother, a mother that has gone through the pain of losing a child, a grandmother, a mother-in-law, a dad who plays the role of mom too, or any other type of mom that I may have forgotten….

Happy Mother’s Day. I hope that you are surrounded with the people you love today, family and friends, and even the furry babies too.

Love to all,







SO – now that I’m crying and blubbering, and probably going on and on and on, I will stop here and share something a little lighter.

This video cracked me up this morning! Few men are willing to really try to experience labor, and the work and pain that goes into having these little ones. As a mother that has gone through it twice, and once recently, I can personally attest to the difficulty.

So here it is, something to make you laugh. For any moms that have gone through it, it will be especially amusing.