Denver Boudoir Photography – When Should You Schedule Your Session?

I have had a LOT of brides contact me recently because they would like to do a bridal boudoir session for their groom – which is awesome! The downside to this is that in the craziness of wedding planning, this is something that they haven’t thought of until we are getting SUPER close to the wedding day. I am able to rush things in some cases, but since I have been suggesting certain guidelines a LOT via email and phone recently, I figured a blog post might make it a little easier to find, and help others!

One of the main questions that I get, other than what do I wear and do you do hair and makeup, is how long does it take to get the photos back?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the timing of your boudoir session. If you are doing the session as a gift for someone else, chances are that you have a deadline, or a “must-have” date. Boudoir is an amazing gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and pretty much any occasion you can think of, and when you’re looking at an end goal like that, you will want to know exactly what goes into the entire process.

Brooke’s Top 5 Things to Consider
when deciding on scheduling your boudoir session:

  1. Do NOT wait until the last minute. This goes without saying, right? But life gets ahold of us, and before we know it, the summer is gone. We are going to be looking at fall and winter here shortly, and the things that we meant to do become urgent.
  2. Custom photography sessions take TIME. Every single photo that my clients see at their reveal session is fully edited. What does this mean? This means that I spend between 8-10 hours on each session, making sure that the huge zit that popped up the night before your session is now a distant memory. Yes, it does happen. From the date of your session, we will schedule your reveal which is typically about two weeks after your session. This is the time that you get to see all of your edited photos, and order your final products based on what you need. Allow for this time!
  3. Printing custom products takes TIME too! From the date of your reveal, it will typically take about three weeks to get all of your finished products back from the labs. Several of them are handmade, and I look over all of them before they go to you, to make sure that everything looks amazing.
  4. Several of my clients want to take advantage of payment plans – and if you would like to use that option, you will need to make sure to build that into your time as well! Nothing is designed or ordered until paid in full, because of the custom nature of the products, so if you would like to use a payment plan, we will need to make sure that your final payment is completed at least two weeks before your deadline date.
  5. Bottom line: For a standard session, plan on six weeks before your deadline or “must-have” date to make sure that we can get everything completed and looking amazing! Rush options are available, but because we are rushing several different processes, there are additional costs involved. Don’t wait, if you know that a boudoir session is something that you’d like to do as a gift, start looking at dates now!

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Because every post is better with a photo, I will share with you a photo of an album that a lucky groom received on his wedding day! This beautiful bride loved her photos and decided to share them, so you will see more of her soon.

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What special occasions or holidays would you love to do a session for? Keep in mind, the gift doesn’t have to be for someone else – it’s perfect for YOUR birthday too!


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