Denver Boudoir Photography – What is Your Sexy Personality?

Confession: I don’t typically do back to back to back boudoir sessions. I have done a marathon, but it was three women, and until Saturday, that was the most I had done in a row. That particular experience was somewhat different as well, because all of the women were friends and had similar personalities.

Saturday was completely different for me, and kind of an eye opener.

For anyone that might not know what the heck I’m talking about, Saturday was the test shoot for the four finalists in my Dazzling Diva 2013 contest.

You can view the finalists here, or you can see more details about the contest here.

Being a photographer is a LOT of work, work that people don’t really realize that I do. I would say 15-20% of what I actually DO is take photos. The rest is editing, marketing, design work, and more. There is SO much more to being a professional photographer that isn’t pressing that shutter button, so when I get a chance to just shoot, all day, it is invigorating. Add to that the opportunity to work with four amazing women, an awesome assistant, and a fantastic makeup artist, and it really is a chance to laugh and play. The test shoot was fantastic, and at the end of the day, even though I was EXHAUSTED, I just HAD to look at the photos immediately.

I was noticing something in the photos that I saw when shooting, and discussed with my assistant, and wanted to pour my thoughts here as well, because I think it can be beneficial for future clients that I work with. It might even make it to the pre-session questionnaire.

Have you ever thought about your sexy personality? I realize this sounds like a strange question, but stay with me and it will make sense.

On our wedding day, our wedding photographer – the amazing Matt with Verve Studio, took these photos of me.

They are both beautiful photos, and I love them both. But guess which one is going to be larger in my album?

Did you guess?

The one on the right.

WHY, you may ask?

Because that is ME.

Everyone has a different personality, and when that personality truly shines through in photos, the photos look more natural, and more real. Typically when I do sessions with women or couples, I don’t do them one after the other. There is so much that goes into these sessions that I want to focus entirely on my clients. I want the experience to be amazing! The test shoot on Saturday required several sessions at once though, which was a different experience. Not bad, just different. And what I saw in doing four sessions quickly really made me think about the personalities in photos.

Even with boudoir photos – images that are more intimate – a woman’s personality should shine through, and a good photographer will make sure of that.

Four women, four very different personalities. One of my finalists has a very sexy attitude – she is more open about her sexuality and comfortable with ANY conversation, and that raw sexuality shows in her photos. Her poses, her outfits, and everything was a little different from the others. Another finalist is more of a fun-loving personality, and the photos where she is laughing or smiling look very natural and relaxed. This isn’t to say that one is less, or more, sexy than the other – they’re just different.

In my wedding photo above, the image on the right is more me, because I am usually laughing or smiling. It is just part of who I am. The other photo is not a bad photo whatsoever, and it makes me feel glamorous and beautiful, but the one on the right is more comfortable to me.

So when you book your boudoir session, in addition to all of the tips and tricks that I send to you, think about this – what is your sexy personality? Are you the super sexy vixen who could own the room with her stilettos? Are you the soft and sexy and relaxed? Or somewhere in between? Or maybe a little of both? What are you comfortable with, what do you think is sexy?

I know you might be thinking – “she’s talking about that session, how about some images!?” They’re coming, I promise. :) Voting will start very soon, so make sure to follow me on Facebook so that your vote is counted!

I would love to know – what is YOUR sexy personality? What fits for you? Leave me a note in the comments below. :)