Denver Boudoir Photography – Dazzling Diva 2013 WINNER!

I am SO excited to share the results of the voting on Facebook for the Dazzling Diva 2013 contest. But just because I’ve never used the more tag before, I’m going to keep you in suspense and use it in this post so you have to click to find out who won…

I had the opportunity to work with four amazing women, during a SNOWSTORM for their test shoot. These four women were different ages, different sizes, and different personalities, and it was awesome to see the different personalities in the photos!

When the photos went live for voting, I truly wasn’t sure who would win. I had some ideas and things that I noticed during the test shoot, but when it comes to actually sharing the photos, it’s a bit of a different story. There is a reason that I never attach a name to boudoir photos online – this has been the one exception, because of the contest. I want to make sure that every woman feels comfortable knowing that her photos are private, unless she specifies otherwise. Doing a boudoir session takes some lady balls – it’s not easy to undress in front of someone you don’t know very well, especially when there’s a camera involved.

Thank you to Cait, Alyssa, Amanda and Tawna – the four finalists were awesome and we had so much fun, watching the snow swirl around outside. We bonded over discussions of makeup, lingerie, boobs, and my interesting attempt at making coffee cake, and I’m so happy to have worked with all of you.

I send out a survey to every client that I work with the day after their session, to make sure they’re feeling amazing, and to see if they have any questions moving forward. The survey is very simple, only three questions. This was a response from the winner:

With my girls out & my ass in the air, surprisingly I felt really comfortable. I cannot think of anything that would have made it better for me, it was honestly a great experience.

I am VERY excited to welcome the newest member of the Brooke Summer Photography team, my Dazzling Diva 2013,


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Thank you SO much to everyone that entered, and everyone that voted! I am truly blessed to be doing what I love, and hopefully touching women’s lives in a positive way. Thank you, so very much.