Denver Boudoir Photographers In FRONT of the Camera

Yep, that’s right. If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll know that I was actually in front of the camera last week for a killer nursing session with my daughter, but that is another post for another time. Let’s talk about my boudoir session. Well, my kind of boudoir session.

Explain? Sure.

Typically when I work with a new hair and makeup artist, I ask that they do my hair and makeup first. I figure if they can kick ass on my hair and makeup, they can work on my clients – fair enough, right? A couple of years ago, I was approached by a stylist that wanted to work with me, and she agreed to do my and makeup. She came to my studio – which at the time was in my home – and did my makeup. And since the studio equipment was right there, and my makeup was done, I asked my husband to take a few boudoir shots of me. I wanted to see how the makeup looked on camera. Easy enough, right?


Things I learned, as a Denver Boudoir Photographer, when someone else is taking my boudoir photos.

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1. There is a specific art to posing larger women. Yep, I’m a curvy girl, and there are different challenges that present themselves when posing women with more curves. For instance, big boobies must be posed in a specific way to be flattering. He had me on my side. Which sounds great, until I see the back of the camera and realize that it looks like one boob is eating the other. Seriously.

2. Most of the photos he took didn’t even have my face in them. So much for a makeup trial. It was like BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS. I guess we know what he likes, right?

3. It is really hard to be in front of the camera and trust someone with those photos. And this was my husband! It was really hard to relax and trust that he would make me look good. In the end, he didn’t – but to be fair, this isn’t his specialty, he really had no idea what he was doing. He usually works with the guys and details at weddings, never women in their underwear. The idea of trusting someone else to take these photos was terrifying though!

4. I am very, very picky. This might not sound like a good thing – and believe me, I tell any photographer I work with that I am the world’s worst client – but when it comes to photographing my clients, it’s a great thing. As a Denver boudoir photographer, I am insanely picky about how my clients look on camera. I straighten bra straps – something he missed. I straighten wardrobe choices, move hair, adjust fingertips – all things that he missed.

5. What I do every day is REALLY FREAKIN’ HARD. It’s something I don’t really think about, it is something that is second nature to me. I love working with women and helping them to feel comfortable in front of my camera in my Denver boudoir studio, but this experience really reminded me that this is not something that everyone is good at. It takes a special kind of patience and sense of humor to adjust someone’s wedgie to get it to look just right. All of my clients reading this just laughed at that sentence – all of my future clients are going “what?!” Trust me ladies, it will look fantastic. And I will make sure of it.

It was definitely an interesting experience to be in front of the camera in this capacity, and I’m actually really excited to do it again. There is something about having some killer photos of yourself to remind you that that sexy woman is in there, somewhere. Even when you’re changing diapers, cooking dinner, taking care of others – she’s still in there. And while I don’t have a ton of fantastic photos from this session, this is a favorite. Again, boobs. No makeup. But hey, the guy knows what he likes.

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For my beautiful clients – I’m curious, what did you learn from your boudoir session? The things that my clients share with me always make me laugh, cry (happy tears), and love them even more! Leave a comment and let me know!


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