Denver Boudoir Photos – What Are You Holding Back On?

Do you ever have those little voices in your head that say you shouldn’t be doing something? I’m not talking about the NORMAL voices – your conscience. When you want to run over the mean person that just cut you off and the little voice in your head says that isn’t a good idea. Not those voices – those are good voices.

I’m not talking about the voices that say you shouldn’t do things that aren’t morally wrong or mean to others, but the little nagging voices that say you shouldn’t do something that someone else might not like.

Maybe you have a dress that you really love but someone told you once that it was a little too short, so you never wear it, because every time you see it in the closet you hear their words. Or maybe you have always wanted purple hair, but a well-meaning parent said that it wouldn’t look professional, so you never took the plunge. Maybe you have always wanted to have your Denver boudoir photos taken, but you wonder what someone else well think. ;) THOSE types of voices.

No? Just me?

I didn’t think so.

We all have things that we’re holding back on. I know I have quite a few. The other day we went to the pumpkin patch and it was laundry day so my wardrobe choices were rather thin. I ended up in yoga pants (hooray for comfort!) but kept thinking “what if someone takes a picture of my ass and puts it on one of those body shaming sites?” Isn’t that sad that I even think that way? I hate it! A work in progress, getting over that bullshit!

One thing I hold back on a lot is personalizing my stuff. Yes, I realize this sounds weird, but hear me out. I never bling out my phone because I wonder, what if I want to sell it later? I don’t customize my camera bags because I want to keep them in perfect condition – yes, there is that perfectionism kicking in. I haven’t put anything fun on my car because I wonder, what if it doesn’t stick and then looks horrible, or doesn’t work properly?

After turning in a MINT condition phone to my carrier recently to trade it in, and attempting to sell my tablet in MINT condition as well, it occurred to me – why not do what I want with my things? I take really, really good care of my possessions, almost to a fault. Seriously, if I’m ever selling an electronic thing, I promise it is in fantastic condition.

So, after holding back for years, I did it. And took some horrible phone photos of it, even though my car hasn’t been freshly washed and there are some dead bugs on the front of it.


And guess what – I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT.

I have wanted lashes on my car forever, but constantly heard the voices of others. That’s stupid, why would you want something like that on your car? Umm.. because they’re awesome!

Not only did I go for the chrome lashes (pink didn’t match Amelia’s burgundy color) but I also went ALL out and got the rhinestone eyeliner too!


Seriously, best $20 ever. When I drove to the grocery store, I was feeling a little sassier. I had a little more bounce and excitement, just because of these seemingly stupid eyelashes on my car. I’m not sure if it was because I love them that much, or because I was telling the voices of others to STFU.

Either way, these lashes and rhinestone eyeliner strips make me very, very happy. It might seem so small, but I realized that I have been holding back for far too long.

So here is my Monday question for you all:

What are you holding back on? Even better, what are you waiting for?

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One of my clients recently inspired me and made me think about this – she wanted to learn a new instrument, so she took up the cello. Yep, you read that right, as an adult, she decided, hey, I want to learn to play the cello. And instead of just waiting and saying “someday I will do it,” she made it happen. How many of us say that we want to do something and we never do? She DID it, and is still learning!

And brought her cello in for her session, and allowed me to share. So share I must! ;)

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Are you waiting for someone’s approval to do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time? An outfit you want to wear? A purchase you want to make? A really crazy pair of earrings that you bought years ago but have yet to wear because you know someone in your life will disapprove? A hobby that you want to learn or start, but you’re afraid of what someone else will say?

Why do you need permission, why are you waiting for someone to give you the go ahead?

Why hold back?

This post is actually not necessarily about Denver boudoir photos, but it applies to this as well. If boudoir photography is something that you’ve always wanted to experience, what are you waiting for? Look for something coming soon – two reasons NOT to wait anymore, just to do it! I’m excited to share.

Leave me a comment and let me know what YOU have been holding back on – big or small. I want to know what you haven’t done, and I want to know if you’re going to actually do it. ;) Life is too short to let anyone else keep you from doing the things that you want to do.


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