Denver Boudoir Photography Studio Experience

Your Denver Boudoir Experience…
isn’t just about the photos. In every conversation and through your session and reveal, I make sure all of my clients are comfortable and relaxed. I want every client to leave their session feeling amazing, with a renewed confidence – like they can conquer the world!

When you arrive
You will be treated to beverages & snacks. Most of my clients tell me they haven’t eaten for a couple of days because of nerves, now is the time to have a little something! A little bit healthy, a little bit indulgent, a little something for everyone.

You can relax
while a professional stylist takes care of your hair and makeup for you! I will be hanging out with you, talking and laughing, and this is your time to be pampered and enjoy yourself.

When your hair and makeup are done
We will go through your outfits together, and choose what will photograph best, and what you really love!

Fedoras, Shoes, and Jewelry
Oh my! We keep several accessories in-studio to help you accessorize your session! Sometimes there’s nothing like a cute pair of panties and a fedora and nothing else, right ladies?

A special gift…
Just for you, on your way out. Because you’re beautiful, and because I truly love my clients.

Make sure to have a fun evening or afternoon planned. Happy hour with girlfriends, or a date night with your husband! After a few hours of pampering, you will be feeling amazing, and you will look stunning! If the session is a surprise for him, we can mastermind some ideas to explain the hair and makeup. “I was walking through the mall and the makeup counters weren’t full, they were bored and needed someone to make over!” I have been a part of LOTS of surprises, and can’t wait to be a part of yours too!

The Big Reveal!
About two weeks after your session, you will be invited back to the studio to see your images on the big screen. You can relax and view your photos, and choose your favorites for your album or to display in your home!