Denver Boudoir Photographer – You Are Enough, an Interactive Mirror

I feel like I need to start a series called “Things that Make Brooke Cry.” And while I wish I could blame the tears and emotions on pregnancy hormones, that just isn’t the case. I am an emotional person through and through. I try to fight it, I try to change that about myself – but God won’t allow it. Which at times, is infuriating, and at times, is kind of comforting.

Someone on Facebook posted this in a group this morning, a group of curvy women. There are a lot of women in this group that struggle with various things – self-loathing, depression, anxiety… and she posted it as a good morning call for everyone there.

As a Denver boudoir photographer, I am faced with this constantly. I have had hundreds of women come into my studio, bashing themselves in one way or another. Feeling inadequate. Not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not liking their hair, their weight, their thighs – you name it, I’ve probably heard it. And while I try to convince them otherwise, the truth is that one person telling you the opposite of what you believe isn’t going to change your mindset overnight. These are beliefs that are ingrained in us, things that we think about constantly, we internalize and repeat these nasty comments to ourselves over and over again. Changing those is not something that will happen immediately, it is a process.

Embracing your body, your personality, and the REAL person that is you – that isn’t easy to do.

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I realize that this blog post isn’t going to change that negative mindset either – there are no delusions of grandeur here, but maybe it can start a spark in your brain. A little voice that, while not as big as the others that are harsh and mean, can speak up every now and then and tell those mean voices to shut the f*** up. Being a top Denver boudoir photographer has taught me so much, and not just about photography. It has taught me that small things can make a change in someone’s life. That a blog post can introduce that teeny little voice. That a photo session that was originally intended as a gift for someone you love, turns into something amazing that makes you feel like you can take over the world. That something as seemingly small as a photo can lift your entire day, reminding you that while you might see a vicious hag in the mirror when you get up – that is NOT WHO YOU ARE.

So before sharing this video, I wanted to share a quote that I found recently, with one of my beautiful beauty & glamour clients. While being a Denver boudoir photographer means that I capture lots of images of women scantily clad, that’s not all I do. Sometimes the beauty sessions, particularly for women who aren’t quite ready to bare it all, are a huge step in a direction of realizing that you are gorgeous.

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This video made me cry this morning. Not sad tears, but happy tears. While it is never my desire to make someone cry – if they are happy tears, tears of realization, I will take them! I hope that it starts your day out with some awesome thoughts to conquer those negative ones. Thoughts that remind you that you are enough, and you are beautiful!


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