Boudoir Denver – The Super Sexy Face

How many of you truly have that sexy face down? You know what I’m talking about, the face that we all see in the magazines, and try desperately to imitate, usually failing in the process.


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While I can coach my Boudoir Denver clients to get this gorgeous face successfully, I still have yet to master it myself. There are so many times that I *think* I’m being all kinds of sexy, and really, I look like I have a massive wedgie that is really uncomfortable.

Recently, I found my high school scrapbooks – which sounds fun, right? Kind of. I had a ball going through the pages, looking at my performances, my best friend, and all of our various shenanigans. But some of the photos were rather… interesting as well.

Back in the day, my BFF Rye and I would find various ways to entertain ourselves. We weren’t 21, we weren’t even 18, so boredom late at night, particularly in the summer, was a real issue. We weren’t the super cool kids that were always invited to parties, or had somewhere to be every night. So we did what every American teenager did before September 11 and the crackdown on airport security: we went out to DIA, which was rather new at the time, and rode the trains back and forth. Yup, we were cool.

Late at night, there wasn’t really anyone on the trains. So we would practice our pole dancing.

YES I said we were cool!

And while practicing said pole dancing, we used our sexiest faces. Now I’m going to share a picture with me, promise me you won’t laugh. Okay, I lied – you can’t promise that because you will laugh, it is so ridiculous.

2016-02-17 19.00.11_WEB

Okay, are we laughing yet? It’s cool, I can wait. Grab a tissue in case you laugh so hard you cry.

Yes, I know how ridiculous I look.

I share this to reassure all of my Boudoir Denver clients, past, present, and future – most of us are really, really bad at pulling off that sexy face. Especially me. And I know how to help someone else do it, but apparently can’t manage that on my own! To be fair, I am 17 in this photo. Check out the amazing eyebrow pluck job, the scrunchie on my wrist, braided belt, and my PAGER in my pocket. Yep, that’s a pager – and if you don’t know what that is, well, I’m old.

The point is – there are very few women that come into my studio completely confident and ready to put on that sexy face. Especially when nerves are going crazy, and it’s time to take the clothes off? At first, sexy is the LAST thing you’re feeling. It takes a few minutes, we sit and talk about posing, faces, and everything in between – but after awhile, most of my clients feel sexy, confident, and they become EXPERTS at the sexy face!

Because every post is better with a photo that ISN’T me and my sexy face on the pole on the train at DIA, I wanted to share a beautiful client that I have had the privilege to work with several times. She has become a master at that sexy face, and is not only beautiful on the outside, but such a kind and amazing person within as well!

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