Best Denver Holiday Gifts – A VERY SPECIAL EVENT!

Is anyone else just in a state of disbelief that it’s actually November? I may or may not have put my tree up already. Don’t judge me. It’s that time of year again! Time to dust off your shopping shoes and figure out the best Denver holiday gifts. Or maybe dust off those high heels and get some sexy photos – the best gift ever.

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Here we are, welcome to November. Holiday party season! The season where you search frantically for a dress that actually FITS you so you can attend a stuffy event where you want to both have fun but be on your best behavior – and let’s be real, usually those two don’t really go together.

So before you have to go to THOSE parties, I want to invite you to something different.

The invitation of the year, the invitation that you have been waiting for and desperately checking your email for every single day!

The holiday party where you can wear whatever you want, and not have to worry about hitting on your partner’s boss! Where you don’t have to listen to the chicken dance, and pretend to like terrible food! Where you can bring a FRIEND instead of pretending to enjoy schmoozing with work people!

Have I built it up enough?

You may remember that last year I had this party scheduled right around my birthday and then I was VERY ill and had to cancel. So this year, we are DOING it even bigger and better than originally planned last year! Sexy Santa is coming early to the studio, because I want photos for holiday cards. So that means that you get a chance to sit on Santa’s lap, and drink mimosas and hang out with your friends! There is another surprise set too, for more photos, but I am keeping that one under wraps.

The photos will be shared on social media, so if you’ve been waiting for the chance to sit on Santa’s lap since you were young, NOW is the time! And this one doesn’t sit on a throne of lies and smell like beef and cheese.

NOVEMBER 17th is the big day, and Sexy Santa is coming for photos! So bring your friends, your mom, your sister or whomever – as long as she is a female because we are going to be some ROWDY ladies at this event!

Click here to register and get your ticket! And for all of my past clients, make sure to check your email for a super special offer so you can save on your ticket. Because I adore you all and work with the most amazing women IN THE WORLD!

To make sure that Santa isn’t too overwhelmed, this party is limited to 20 people total – yep small and intimate and FUN. So don’t wait to get your tickets, last year it sold out!


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