Ummm lots more to go. I don’t know how many for sure.

For any of you that write, don’t you hate it when you stare at the screen, knowing you should be writing something, but it just doesn’t happen? I have the pictures, I know what I should write, but… but… it still makes me cry. Silly right?

WARNING – this post contains pictures of Kaden’s mouth. So if you’re grossed out do not continue. :)

Kaden lost his first tooth last month. Whew, I said it. Deep breaths.

He had been waiting patiently. Or not so patiently. The kids in his class were losing teeth left and right, and he was so bummed that he was behind. I kept telling him that his teeth staying in longer was a GOOD thing – that they were healthy – but he wanted none of it. He wanted to lose a tooth, and get a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

And finally, it happened. And he thinks that he is just the most badass kid in the world because of it. He is, but not because he lost a tooth. :) He wanted this picture included, even though it’s hard to see the gap. His “cool guy” pose, with his starship.

He had an apple for snack at school, and bit into it, to feel his tooth pop. They helped him put it into an envelope and stop the bleeding, and then he dropped it out of the envelope. The story gets a little muddy here – he says it just fell out. I think we all know better though – he was taking it out to look at it or play with it and it disappeared. Either way, it was gone.

So when he got home, he wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy (yay for scrapbooking paraphernalia!) explaining what happened, hoping that she would still honor the fact that he lost the tooth even though he didn’t have it. He wrote it out very carefully, and even picked a purple marker, hoping that it would be her favorite color and she would take pity on him, even without the tooth. Once he was done, he asked Tom and I to sign it – HA! To vouch for him. Because the Tooth Fairy would know that WE would NEVER lie about such a thing, he wanted to cover all bases.

He finished his note and posed for some pictures with Mommy, even though it was hard for me to take photos – my eyes were watery. Because of my contacts. Ummm yeah we’ll go with that. ;)

The Tooth Fairy honored his request, even though he didn’t have a tooth to show for it. Although she did leave a note saying that next time he needs to be more careful with his tooth. He woke up $6 richer – with a bedazzled and initialed $5 bill, and 4 glitter covered quarters. Ya know, because the TOOTH FAIRY likes sparkles. It’s all her people. Oh and by the way, note to self – Stickles does NOT work very well on quarters.

And for those of you wondering, yes, I got a good-natured lecture from Tom about defacing government property and currency. *sigh* Mr. Straight Laced.

The front two bottom teeth are already coming in, even though he’s only lost one so far. The other isn’t far behind I’m sure. And I’m fairly certain that my contacts will bother me again when the second one falls out, resulting in watery eyes. Even if they’re not in my eyes. :)

He’s so big. So sweet, and such a caring and loving boy. And I know that people think I’m silly, but when milestones like this happen, I will continue to tear up every time. The people who know and love me understand, so I’m okay with that. Lord help me when he goes to college. Even then, he will still be my baby. I don’t care what he says.