Denver Event Photography – CRAVE Launch!

Today is a very exciting day! And no, I’m not talking about Discovery’s launch. That is exciting, but there is another launch tonight. :)

The CRAVE Denver book launch party is tonight, and the books will officially be available tomorrow YAY! As I’m writing these words it dawned on me that several of you might not know what CRAVE is. It’s a company that has created a book in several cities, to connect sassy and fun women to the businesses that they might need. Here’s the key: All of the businesses are female owned. So the book is an avenue to encourage women, and bring some spotlight to the businesses that women are running every day!

I caught the tail end of this project, and only got involved at the very end because I didn’t know about it. But as soon as I found out I was excited to hear more, and I ended up photographing three businesses for their layouts in the book! I blogged them awhile back, but just in case – here are the links: Twig Salon & Spa, Hula Moon Events & Bartending, and Villain Design. I worked with them all to get some professional, sassy and FUN shots for their layouts.

Being a part of this project has introduced me to a ton of new people! Two photographers that I know are going to be in the book – Keri Doolittle Photography and Eunice Brownlee Photography will both have spreads, and my friend Max will also have a spread for her PR company, Max Oliver PR. At the last party I met this stylist named Tina Gill, and ummm wow, she was awesome! She has a company called My Worthwhile Style, I’ve decided one day I might need her help. I’m style challenged. Yep I said it. Admitting it is the first step right? I also met Maria Healey of Studio Sister Photography – another photographer, and so sweet! And Jessica McTaggart of Pink Champagne won’t be in the book this time, but is an awesome event planner… and and and and there are just so many!

None of this would have been possible without the beautiful Mia Voss, of CRAVE fame, and Blue Heron Consulting. From the first time I spoke with Mia, she has been nothing but sweet and supportive of my business. She encouraged me when I really needed it, and has been the leader of the CRAVE venture in Denver. Mia, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, and your kind words and encouragement when I needed it.

Speaking of Mia, how gorgeous is she? This is her layout from the book, photos courtesy of John Bosley Photography.

Whew. That’s a lot of information. I feel like I’ve been jumping up and down, talking a mile a minute because I’m so excited. It is so flippin’ inspiring to be surrounded by these women. They’re so down to earth, successful, fun, and SWEET! Okay. Moment for a deep breath… must… calm… down. :)

Tonight is the big party, and I’m honored to say that I will be photographing the event, so look for photos soon. Tonight will be a kick-ass party, with kick-ass women (and men – the honorary Crave guy, John Bosley) and there is not a DOUBT in my mind that it will just be an amazing time.

The books will be available tomorrow, but if you’d like to take a sneak peek inside, Crave’s website will show you a few layouts.

I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. That’s usually how it happens though right? Butterflies! I am THAT girl… the one that squeals when she gets excited. I flail my hands all over the place and jump up and down. So imagine me doing that right now, and you’ll know how thrilled I am.

Check out Crave, buy a book, and look for these awesome businesses. Oh and have a happy Thursday. :)