Yesterday I totally forgot it was Monday. What a flippin’ fabulous weekend! So I’m doing this week’s Manic Monday on Tuesday. I’m a wild girl, look out world!

Yesterday we went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary. I fully prepared myself to not see a lot, based on the warnings on their website, but as we were driving up there were bears and wolves all over the place. It was a VERY cool experience, I will post more about it later, with pictures!

This morning I’m absolutely amazed at the level of customer service that some companies deem acceptable. And it also amazes me what people will put up with, without pushback. Companies will not change their policies and work WITH consumers instead of against them, until we say something. Until we close our accounts, stop spending money with them. Until we set higher standards for ourselves and the way we will be treated. Not only was this awful experience an eye-opener for me as a consumer, but as a business owner. There is a sign in one of my favorite restaurants, posted at the employee entrance to the kitchen that says something along the lines of “Of the patrons that don’t return to a specific restaurant, 80% of them don’t return because of indifference. Not because of poor service, but because of employees that don’t care.” I may have gotten that quote wrong by the way, that’s from memory. :) But SO true! Actually caring about our clients will set us apart from the other businesses – the mass produced, huge quantities, you’re just a number kind of businesses. The little things can make such a huge difference. Just CARING changes things so much! Whew, okay off of my soapbox on that one.

Twizzlers or Red Vines? I have yet to meet someone that loves them both. Usually you love one, tolerate the other, or really can’t stand the other. So what is your choice? :) I was wondering this as someone handed me a Red Vine the other day, and I was secretly wishing it was a Twizzler. Makes mouths happy right!?

Game Night Friday was awesome. Although not really a game night. It just turned into time to relax and eat and talk. Which wasn’t really the purpose of the evening, but sometimes those are the best nights. Relaxing with friends and food, and letting the kids entertain each other!

Tonight I’m having dinner with my cousin, to talk wedding stuff – yay!

I have a bride that has requested a vintage, rustic look for engagement photos. Ummm yes please!? Awesome. Although this now has my brain going like crazy. I couldn’t sleep last night, trying to think of awesome locations with old barns, peeling paint, falling apart wood – all sorts of fun stuff! While driving to the sanctuary yesterday I saw a ton of locations that were VERY cool, but in the middle of nowhere. How do I tell my bride “hey I found a neat location but it’s far away, there’s nothing around there, and it will be super fun?” Ha! I will sound crazy. But I’m okay with that, I want her to have what she’s looking for!

Four vendors confirmed, more to go. I met with a caterer on Saturday that seemed VERY cool, I’m excited to see what she puts together. Especially after receiving some pretty high (read: heart attack inducing) quotes from other caterers. Cross your fingers for me please! I’ll try to do a wedding post later this week.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Have an awesome week.