Ya that doesn’t sound too good right. What are your thoughts people – I need a title for an ongoing theme for my Monday posts. Random stuff. Thoughts, memories, weirdness, what do you think? Oh and PS – I love alliteration, so I would prefer an M word, but any fun words would do. I was thinking Mad Mondays (as in mad = crazy) but then people would think I’m angry, and that’s no good. Believe me if I’m angry, I’m ANGRY! ;)

So anywho, welcome to my first completely random post. The first in a series of __________ Monday posts! Help appreciated, Much Love, Brooke.

Around Christmastime, whenever something would happen that we couldn’t control but had to make the best of, Tom and I would look at each other and sing “fa-la-la-la-la…” It was our way of saying, wow this sucks and is slightly ridiculous, but yay we can stay positive and make each other laugh! It was fun, and now it’s kind of stuck in my head even though it’s February. And now that Christmas is over, I feel like I need something else. Another little phrase that will make us laugh. Especially on this Monday! So there’s my second request for assistance internet. 1. _______ Monday and 2. A fun phrase to smile through (preferably musical) so that when things aren’t going the way we’d like, we can still be positive.


Kaden’s school had a “Spirit Night” at Chick-Fil-A the other night. I much prefer these types of fundraisers to selling candy, wrapping paper, etc. At least we can go and eat as a family, and support the school while having dinner, rather than shelling out money for stuff we don’t want, won’t use, and will end up in the trash. Plus, Kaden got to see all of his friends. And teachers. And principal. Dum dum dum…. which brings me to my next point. He pointed out the principal to me and I said “oh yeah, she called me the other day.” His eyes got HUGE and he said “… was it a good call or a bad call?” Now at the time I didn’t realize that this was my opportunity to milk it and make sure he was being good at school, so I just said “she wanted to see how you were doing at school.” Again, the fear was obvious… “… and what did you tell her?” LoL I’m still not getting it – this is one of those rare parenting moments where we can use this to our advantage! “I told her that you were doing really well!” He just smiled and went about his way, greeting his friends. I wouldn’t tell Kaden this, but when she called and told me who she was, I was scared too! She was apologetic and sounded a little sad when she said that no one ever wanted to hear from her. Ummm that’s because you’re the principal, lady!

Kaden wanted to go to this Spirit Night SOOOO bad, and you would think it would be to support his school right? To see his friends maybe? Because it’s something the teachers have drilled into him for the past week? Oh no. There was one motivation to going to this eventful evening, only one. Care to guess? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

The cow. Oh yes, the lovely Chick-Fil-A cow. Wearing pajamas while peddling the new breakfast offerings. So Kaden HAD to have his picture taken. I think my favorite thing about this picture is that you can see the space in his mouth where his FIRST LOST TOOTH used to be. Yes that’s right friends… he lost his first tooth. And I have pictures of everything, and a blog post waiting, but it makes me cry so it’s going to have to wait. Yes, I said it makes me cry. Yes, I know I’m a dork. Yes, I know he has to grow up sometime, but DAMNIT he doesn’t have to lose a tooth so soon! Okay, maybe it’s not so soon, it’s actually quite a bit later than the rest of the kids, but still. Anyway, I digress… a later post for a later time. When I can see my typing and make sure I spell everything properly through the tears.

Oh yeah, look at that cow. Kaden yelled out to him “show me your muscles.” I thought he said something else entirely inappropriate so I was horrified, and he looked at me like I had three heads. Finally I understood what he said and the cow looked at us both like we had three heads.

More randomness, how about that SuperBowl? Ha! I didn’t particularly care about either team involved so I read through a lot of it, although I do enjoy the commercials. Well, usually. They were kind of disappointing yesterday though. I think my favorite was the Doritos commercial, where crushed Doritos brought things back to life. “Grandpa?!” Haha! The halftime show was disappointing, the people running that soundboard should be fired immediately. I don’t think it was the Black Eyed Peas’ fault, they had some major audio issues. A credit to them though – at least they sang live. Most people just lipsync now right? Yuck.

Happy Monday everyone. Oh and please, need a title for Mondays. __________ Mondays. Randomness, fun, craziness, whatevah!