Denver Boudoir – Soiree Update!

I am THRILLED to get some updated information out to everyone! This is shaping up to be such a really, really cool evening, and I want to make sure all of the details are out there! When I talk about the event it’s kind of a “and this and this and this” brain dump, so that is kind of what this post will be.

FIRST, we are up to over $4,000 in giveaways. YES people – that’s a ton of giveaways. We have Floral gift certificates, chemical peels, Aveda gift cards, massages, facials, accupuncture, gift baskets, event planning, and just tons of amazing stuff. EVERY TICKETHOLDER will get a ticket to be entered into the giveaways, so you will have a chance to win something, JUST FOR COMING! Because I really want to make sure that we bless the socks off of Gateway, we are also going to give you an opportunity to purchase additional tickets. Ticket purchases will be cash or check ONLY, so if you’d like to be included in the additional tickets, please make sure to bring cash or a checkbook. All checks will be made directly to Gateway, and I’m SO happy that

ANY funds from the sale of additional tickets will go directly to Gateway, at 100%!!

So not only will have the chance to win some amazing prizes, but you will be helping an awesome cause too.


Cash is always great, and with the purchase of those additional tickets, and your Soiree ticket, you are helping women and children who are in a dangerous situation. BUT there are other ways we can help too! Gateway has a list on their website of items that they need everyday, in service to those they are helping. Please click on the link, and look at the items. How many times do you go to Costco and buy that three pack of a cleaning supply? Could you maybe bring one of those with you, and give it to someone who needs it? Did your kids recently move to a larger bed, and you have some twin sheets without a home? Please consider bringing any of those most needed items with you. Items that are on the list and in the condition specified on the list will also get you additional giveaway tickets – how sweet is that? You will have the chance to help someone in need, and win a prize too!


TC Decker with Muse Events is doing an AMAZING job with the fashion show, it will definitely be an event not to be missed. Yours Truly Cupcakes has created some cocktail and cupcake pairings that make me want to demand a taste… like every night. ;) A Wild Thyme Catering has created a menu that makes my mouth water just reading it. Lilli with Bella Calla is handling the decor and I can’t wait to see what she has for us. And all of this is included with your ticket, which is only $10 in advance, $20 at the door. You can’t get cocktails, entertainment and food for that price anywhere else!

The Art Studio is going to look amazing, and it will truly be a night to remember. If you are unable to attend but would like to make a donation to Gateway directly, you can do so here. If you have Wednesday, September 18th free, grab a friend, buy a ticket, and come down and have fun with us. It will be an awesome evening, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

More information and FAQ’s:
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