Two Years.

My wedding memories are kind of different, they’re definitely not what most people think of when they think of a wedding. Singing “Play That Funky Music” with so many of our closest friends and family members in the limo, my brother’s “Dancing Queen” with his tiara, the ringbearer lying on the dance floor because someone hurt his feelings… All of these little things that made up such an amazing day.

I have a very good memory for the most part. Sometimes things slip my mind, it happens to all of us, especially moms. But overall, I have a great memory. I had worked on my vows for MONTHS. I had lists and lists of things I wanted to say on this big day, jokes, funny things that meant a lot to the two of us. I knew what I wanted to say when I was getting ready, surrounded by my awesome ladies, the morning before the ceremony. I used to perform, on stage, musical theater and other shows – so stage fright wasn’t an issue for me.

When I stood up in front of our loved ones and faced my groom, I got lost. I saw that your eyes were misty, and when you carefully went through your written vows, I lost myself in everything you were saying to me. All of the words that I had so carefully planned for months were gone. I was overwhelmed with admiration and love, and I lost it all. I didn’t know what to say.

You said: “Just say you love me.”

It took everything I had not to completely lose it right there and fall into your arms. Which, as I’m writing this, I realize is kind of ironic, because that is where I belong.

All of this happened two years ago today.

I love you more now than when I married you, even though I wonder if that’s possible. People scour the world looking for what we have, the connection and love between us is something that is rare and literally, awesome. You are a wonderful husband and father, and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Happy Anniversary.

Photo: Verve Studio