Holiday Deadlines 2020 – Colorado Christmas Gift Guide

Hey hey gorgeous people – I bet you thought I forgot about the Colorado Christmas gift guide deadlines for this year, right? Don’t worry – I GOT YOU!

2020 has been an… interesting… year. So much has changed, so many things have happened, and we are still working through the cold and wet weather to bring some confidence boosts and gorgeous gifts to amazing ladies.

I’m going to share the same meme that I share every single year when it comes to holiday deadlines, because I freakin’ love it, and will probably share it every year, because I like it that much.

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Care to guess which one is me? Bonus points – which one is my husband… 

Colorado Christmas gift guide – what the heck do you get for someone when they have EVERYTHING, right? I’m a big fan of experiences for gifts. I DEFINITELY prefer concert tickets or something fun that I can do and experience instead of more THINGS. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that I really love to get too, but really, creating those memories means so much to me. I’m betting while you’re reading this, you might be thinking about what to get your partner for Christmas or the other winter holidays that are celebrated too – which is cool. Boudoir is an amazing gift!

But, if you are one of those women who gets a vacuum for Christmas and your husband thinks he did SUCH A GREAT JOB and you’re left disappointed, here’s an idea – why not get yourself a gift? Years ago, one of my supervisors at my corporate job had a birthday, and when I told her happy birthday, she said “Thanks, this is what I told my husband he got me.” I was very confused, and she explained that she got tired of not getting what she wanted – so instead of sending him a Colorado Christmas gift guide with things circled, she picked out what she wanted and got it for herself.

While I’m not 100% sure I’m on board with that idea entirely, it is rather intriguing to me. Why don’t we get ourselves gifts more often? I have been taking myself out on dates this year, since I have wanted to do date nights more and more, but my partner isn’t really on board with that. And you know what – it’s glorious. So maybe getting ourselves a gift would be glorious too.

Who’s with me!?

If you’re not really sure about that, you can always share what you want with your partner. Sometimes, the people we love don’t really know what to get us – even if we give them a million hints.

If you want to drop a hint to someone you love, I do offer gift cards, so if you’d like to send them more information, you can send them a note with the gift card page here.

colorado-christmas-gift-guide, best-denver-boudoir

Let’s get some details!

I opened up a few more spots, and I only have THREE sessions left for holiday delivery through the end of this year.

Yup – you read that right, only THREE spots left for holiday delivery. These Colorado Christmas gift guide ideas are limited – so don’t wait!

And just in case you haven’t read the details on when to book your session and you aren’t sure how long it actually takes to get everything ready for that final delivery,

Calling me on December 21 and wanting an album before Christmas will be a phone call that could end in holiday heartbreak.

Sorry ladies, the best things in life take time, am I right?


I say this every year – for 11 years now – and every year I get those last minute requests. Don’t wait and book your session NOW, so that you can get in before those spots are filled.

colorado-christmas-gift-guide, best-denver-boudoir

Let’s chat deadlines!

The studio will be closing for the holidays on Friday, December 18th.

The studio will reopen on Monday, January 4th to start on those Valentine’s sessions.

Standard Sessions:

To guarantee delivery before Christmas for our full range of printed products WITHOUT additional rush fees, your session needs to be booked and completed by Friday, November 13th. Your reveal must be completed by Friday, November 27th.

Rush Sessions:

To guarantee delivery before Christmas for my last minute ladies, you can opt to schedule a session a little later in November and pay an additional rush fee, with a session that is booked and completed by Friday, November 20th. That gives you an extra week! Your reveal and ordering appointment must be completed before the studio closes on Friday, November 27th.

Digital Sessions:

You know that digital images are faster, right? And I have a new option for digitals that my clients will LOVE, just in time for the holidays! Digital images are available at your reveal and ordering appointment, and can be taken home that day. If you opt to gift digital images you have even more time, your session will need to be booked and completed by Friday, December 11th. Your reveal and ordering appointment must be completed before the studio closes on Friday, December 18th. And just a heads up – Fridays are already booked through the end of the year, so really, don’t wait for these sessions.

I know that Halloween is approaching and you may not even want to THINK about the holidays yet, but they will sneak up on you faster than you think.

Ready for a day of pampering and feeling badass in the midst of the holiday season? Click here to book your session!


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