Denver Boudoir Photography – Boudoir and Feminism, from Natalie Kita

A friend of mine and fellow boudoir photographer recently wrote an article on her blog regarding feminism and boudoir, and how the two fit together. Usually I would just share it on Facebook, but I think the content is really important, so I wanted to share it here.

I tell almost all of my clients that while you might be doing this session for him NOW, I promise you it will be more for you. And every single one of them tells me I was right. Don’t get me wrong – their husbands definitely benefit from the session – but in the end, I believe that benefit is not from the photos, but rather from the renewed confidence in his wife.

Natalie specifically addresses someone who asked about boudoir objectifying women, a notion that personally shocks me.

When a woman has beautiful, sexy, alluring photos taken for herself, it is a far cry from turning her into a sex “object”. An object is inanimate, and has no control over what is done to it. On the other hand, when a woman chooses to be vulnerable and open – to explore and celebrate and elevate her beauty and sensuality – she is in complete control, and she receives far more benefit than anyone else who may be simply viewing the photos.

We, as women, have been created in a beautiful image. Strength, resilience, perseverance… all wrapped up in a package of curves, softness and beauty. We are AMAZING creatures, and there is nothing wrong with not only admitting it, but embracing it!

This is a subject I could speak to for hours – it is something I am very passionate about. Regardless of your size, age, shape or background – doing something that renews your confidence, reminds you that you are not only a wife, mother, sister, daughter – but a WOMAN – is a powerful thing. I will leave it at that, because really, I could go on for hours.

I wanted to add one more quote from Natalie:

A woman OWNING her sexuality without shame is the scariest thing to a society which wants to oppress her.

Think about that one for a little bit, definitely some food for thought. If you’d like to read the entire article, click here. I really, really suggest that you read it. Whether you agree or not, it is definitely something to think about. As women, mothers, role models… these are important discussions to have. Maybe we can improve things for future generations of women.

Natalie Kita is a boudoir photographer on the East coast, and is the owner and photographer for Get Shot Naked.