What is REAL Body Positivity? – Body Positivity Denver

Well hello there, amazing people! Have you ever heard the term body positivity? If you spend any time on social media at all, I’m sure that you have. Body positivity Denver is something that I focus on HEAVILY because as you may or may not know – I do not allow shaming of any kind in my studio. Not even of yourself. And yep, I used to be one of the women that called larger women “REAL” women, and said that the skinny chicks needed a cheeseburger. How wrong I was. But we live and learn, right? And this was WAY before the body positivity movement was even a thing.

Being Denver’s top boudoir photographer has taught me SO much about body positivity, and while overall it is an amazing thing, there are some other things to consider as well.

Body positivity, and in my case, body positivity Denver – Colorado is a super fit state. So what exactly IS body positivity? I have found that it means vastly different things to different people. I wrote quite a book while pondering exactly what to put into a post about body positivity, and while it’s not really ready for the world just yet (SO MUCH INFORMATION!), I did a live video with some of my clients and friends.

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In short: I believe that body positivity is CRAZY IMPORTANT, but I also believe that we have swung too far the other direction, because now we’re shaming women if they’re not 100% in love with their bodies.

Women just can’t win, am I right? Shamed for one thing or another, and usually BY OTHER WOMEN – we have to just stop. JUST STOP.

Instead of worrying about what everyone else says, how about we worry about ourselves and work on loving ourselves as we are, right now? Encouraging ourselves without the backhanded compliments because someone doesn’t feel exactly the way we do, or have the same opinion?

Seriously I could go on and on about this, and I will in a future post where I have typed it all out for posterity – but for now, I will share the live video I did a few weeks ago with some of my clients.

Let’s start there. And maybe embrace body positivity in whatever way fits for us. And encourage others.

More to come…


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