Colorado Wedding Photography – New Wedding Client Lounge!

WHEW that took some work. About 6 hours, to be kind of sort of exact. I have had brides contacting me recently, and I didn’t really feel that my information that I was sending them was up to par, I wanted it to be much prettier. I am SUPER happy to announce that I have finished the Wedding Client Lounge, although because it is private for my couples only, I can’t give you the link here. But I wanted to give you a little sneak peek!

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There is a ton of information, including what to wear for your engagement session, timeline suggestions and a worksheet for your big day, and some help in making one of the most important decisions in your wedding – your Colorado wedding photography. I tell my brides all the time… your photographer is one of the few people that will be with you ALL DAY LONG. Make sure you like them. ;)

2013 and 2014 brides – if you need a wedding photographer, you can still book at the 2013 rates until September 1, when they will change. Contact me today so that we can meet and get excited together.


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If you’d like to have more information about what the heck is going on with sessions, parties and more, click here to grab my Denver boudoir photography guide – How to Look Amazing in Photos. It has tips and tricks to help you look amazing in photos – whether your clothes are on or off – and avoid having to untag yourself in a social media photo again. Or, just laugh with me at various shenanigans and get early access to events, model calls, and awesome goings-on. Either way, come join the list. We have cocktails.

I am so privileged to be a top Denver wedding photography specialist! My clients’ privacy is a top priority for these intimate portraits. Any and all boudoir images that are posted have been shared by the subject with written permission. I am honored that my clients choose to share their images with the world, and talk about their experiences with those images.

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