Today has been a DAY. Just rough all around, ya know? And to top that off, today, little things are HUGE. Girls out there – you know what I mean? Where because of a specific reason, one little thing goes wrong and all of the sudden the WORLD IS OUT TO GET YOU?

One of many morning happenings – I put the wrong date on something. No big deal, easily fixed, but OH MY GOSH. SERIOUSLY I was not happy. I couldn’t believe I did that. And really, it didn’t matter. It really wasn’t a big deal. But at the time IT SUCKED. And it especially sucks when you KNOW that it’s something stupid, and you’re still really upset! Luckily I was able to vent to a friend, and cry and get it out. And I even told her while I was doing it, I KNOW how stupid this is but damnit, I’m still upset!

*sigh* Emotional. Crazy. Day.

However, it’s getting better. And will continue to get better, and better, and better. Because life is good, overall. Sometimes blogs and Facebook and Twitter and all of these fabulous social networking tools paint life to be fabulous ALL. THE. TIME. And let’s face it – it’s not. But when life is overall good, you can take the bad days and roll with the punches. Because you know that tomorrow is going to be better! Heck, even tonight will be better!

I took this photo a few weeks ago. I was sitting on the couch reading, and the guys were putting together a solar system, while Frankie watched, wondering if she could eat the pieces. And my heart was happy. One of THOSE moments. And because I’m a dork that loves to remember those types of moments, I had to grab my camera. Because sometimes, you just need a little peace. And a reminder of how good life really is.

SO! Have a fantastic weekend! Hug your loved ones extra tight tonight, and thank God that life is so very good. Even on bad days, when little things go wrong and your hormones suck and you want to crawl into a hole and hide from the world. :)