Denver Corporate Photography – CRAVE Denver – Published!

Okay I know I took these photos for the book. Yes, I knew the photos would be in the book, that was the point of taking them. But it’s still exciting to see my photos, IN. A. BOOK. A book that I didn’t make. A book that SOMEONE ELSE created, and published.

This is a first for me. When I was at the CRAVE Denver Launch Party and actually saw my photos in the book, I was SO excited. I had to maintain my cool, because ya know, I need to keep my street cred. Ha! But inside, my heart was doing a little dance. And the photographs that I actually took at that party were also in another publication, but that’s another story for another time.

I started working with CRAVE pretty late in the game, so I didn’t get the chance to do a ton for the book. But I did get to work with the lovely Erin, from Villain Design and Hula Moon, for her spread for the book. And check it out!

I know that I’m an excitable person, but seriously, how flippin’ cool is this. Yes, I’m way excited. Yes, I’m all aflutter right now. Yes, aflutter is a real word. And yes, I know that I”m a geek. It’s okay, I accept it. Embrace it even!

Villain Design and Hula Moon in CRAVE Denver

To find out where you can buy your very own CRAVE Denver guide, click HERE. It is SUCH a neat project, check it out! And look for my name on page 267, and do a little happy dance for me.

Happy hump day!