I’m so thrilled that the weather is getting warmer. Welcome to Manic Monday, April 11, 2011 edition. How’s that for all official and stuff?

SO, we’re moving forward in wedding planning. I’ve decided to join in on the fun and do a Wedding Wednesday post on Wednesdays, because I figure it doubly applies to me right now. I’m getting married, so I’m a bride, and a wedding photographer. So I should have lots to share right? Let’s hope. :)

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a shoot with another photographer, and the idea of superheroes came up. Sounds awesome right? Although here’s the thing… Tom and I have been squabbling about it. I don’t mean fighting, but that silly argument where no one really gets mad, and you wonder why the heck you’re even talking about it. So here, I’ll just put this out there. If two superheroes were to get married, who would they be? What are the first two that come to mind? Why, WONDER WOMAN AND SUPERMAN of COURSE! Tom says that’s cliche. I say it makes the most sense. He said that Wolverine and Wonder Woman would be a more likely fit. I told him that Wonder Woman doesn’t like Wolverine because she thinks he’s too hairy. Which started a whole different conversation, equally ridiculous, about how the heck I know what Wonder Woman likes. And THIS is what we spend our time talking about people. HA! It is definitely going on my list of reasons I love Tom. Which is coming in handy for the wedding too!

I went to a networking event last week and met a ton of awesome women. It was a little overwhelming at first, because there were SO MANY people there, but it was nice to make some genuine connections. Although there were definitely the crazies there. The ones that just want to hand you their card and hope that you call them. Umm… why would I call someone who barely even says hi? I’m all about actual connections. Talking with someone, getting to know them, and caring. Sincerely. Handing me a card then moving onto the next person is an easy way to be forgotten.

We’re having steak tonight for dinner and I haven’t decided whether to make garlic bread or garlic crescent rolls.

I ordered some off camera lighting for an upcoming wedding that I will be shooting. It will be the first time I use it at the reception, and I’m SUPER excited. I’ve spent MONTHS researching the best lighting to use, and I’m confident that the setup will give me what I want. And as soon as I’m sure of it and can play with it, I will share it here. ;) Think Speedlites, Softboxes and lightstands. Oh MY! What an awesome movie, right?!

Kaden had another soccer game this weekend. And right in the middle of the action, he stopped running and had to pet a dog on the side of the field. I have a photo of the very same thing when he was playing football. The caption reads “Kaden’s Kryptonite.” It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, he stops for animals. He LOVES animals. I don’t know WHERE he gets that from! ;)

Happy Monday everyone! Tomorrow I think we shall look at some goals. Especially since April is almost half over. I’ve been a slacker, I’m sorry!