If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen a small part of the Disney princess discussion that has been happening as a result of my status about this movie. Yes, I’m a closet Disney princess fan. Or maybe not so closet! That’s a discussion for another time though.

We watched The Princess and the Frog last night for the first time. I REALLY wanted to see it when it was in the theater, but I never got the chance. Somehow, princess movies never get seen with our family. Yet we go to see superhero movies all the time. Has anyone else noticed the lack of chick flicks lately? We have X-Men, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain America, the Green Lantern, the Hangover II… where are the chick flicks? Bridesmaids was funny – but that’s it? Really? We need more funny chick movies! Hollywood, get on it!

Anywho, way off track. I watched the movie last night because I haven’t been feeling well, so we relaxed. And about 10 minutes into the movie, I’m crying. Oh yeah, I’m cool. Tom looked over at me and was worried because we weren’t even at the end of the movie, and I was already crying.

But here’s what got to me – Tiana (the princess) was all about following her dreams. She worked her butt off, and was completely focused. Almost to a fault. She had no life, no friends, and no one around her that she was really close to except for her mother. Her dreams were always just out of her reach, until she realized what is really important in life, and she found not only her dreams, but the love she had never dreamed possible.

Just a fairy tale, right?

I really, REALLY believe in God’s timing. And sometimes I hate His timing, because it’s not necessarily my timing. I want it NOW, and He wants me to be patient. Darnit! I’m reading a book that I just love that is also pounding this into me, I feel like God is talking to me. And explaining things to me. And telling me that I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m moving in the right direction, but it’s not time yet. It’s not time for those dreams yet. I’ve been struggling with that for a couple of years now.

So here’s the cool thing. I’ve been working towards my dreams for a couple of years, and for the past two years I’ve felt stagnant. Like nothing was happening. And then BAM! This year, things are crazy. Things are changing, and moving in the right direction. And I feel the peace of God, reassuring me that things are happening in His time, and that He loves me and will take care of everything.

Tom is so supportive of me in every way. I didn’t really have that before. I had support, I have an amazing family and friends, but never that support from my partner, the person that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, the things that have been happening, the timing of it all. During the movie I was thinking about it too. And then Tiana said something to Naveen that really struck me.

princess tiana quote princess and the frog quote dream wouldn't be complete without you tiana

I thought I knew what my dreams were. I knew what I wanted. Those dreams didn’t include Tom, because at the time, I didn’t know him. Kaden is more of a blessing than I ever thought possible, I thank God every single day for him. My dreams were not just about things for myself, but for Kaden as well. But now my dreams have changed. Family is SO important to me. I still have dreams for Kaden, and of course for myself. But all of those dreams, all of those visions and wants and needs now include Tom. I can’t imagine our future without him. My dreams are incomplete without Tom and Kaden, they are empty.

When Tiana said that, it gave me goosebumps. I snuggled with both of my guys a little tighter. I am so incredibly blessed, I can only hope that I can be a blessing to others in any way!